What a hoot…

So this is the first time I’ve used this owl image, and I’m not sure why because it’s pretty darn cute! Don’t you agree? It’s a hehe plate and it includes the ‘hoo hoo’ and a few more owls in different styles.  I chose to use a matte top coat as I felt it matched the feel of the design better.

Owl stamping nail art.png


So I think I’ve managed to haul myself out of the great creativity depression I’ve been in lately. Two things assisted in this;
1) I told myself to get over it and get a grip.
2) I have a major nail crush right now on two blogs, I feel like a creep sometimes because I’m commenting and liking their posts so regularly, but I think they gave me a boost in inspiration. They are – ‘Baroquennails‘ which seems to be a new blog but has great nail art already, and ‘Mllrdesign‘ who again only started posting in January this year. AMAZING!

So here are my nails, after a creative dry spell – I present to you a selection of woodland creatures.  I had trouble with my pinky, such a long skinny nail… I wanted a squirrel but it just didn’t happen. Have a rabbit instead. I like them and I’m happy to announce that I’m pleased with them. Phew…. (except that the foxes nose is too large).

Woodland Creature Nail Art