Mushrooms Silhouettes…

So I actually took two days to do this nail art. I painted the mushroom silhouettes yesterday but they just didn’t look complete, something was missing as there was just too much empty space – less was not more in their case. Today I settled on painting some dots in hope that they looked like a swarm of fireflies but I suppose they could also be taken as fungus spores!

Autumn Mushroom Nail Art.png


Citrus Nail Art…

So as promised, here is the nail art to tie in with my new polish collection (‘A Squeeze of Citrus‘).

First up to be featured are some lemons, with lemon nail art painted on the polish named ‘Lemon Juice’ (with OPI ‘Yallapalooza’ as base colour). It’s the first time I’ve ever painted a lemon and I think it turned out kinda cute!

Next up we have some limes (I always have tonnes in the house as I’m a massive Rum lover), helping to show off the polish ‘Lime Twist’ adorned with a little lime wedge. (Base colour, OPI ‘My gecko does tricks’). Again I was sort of proud of it, having never painted a lime before.

Lastly, here’s some (seriously juicy) oranges to highlight the polish ‘Orange Peel’. (Base colour is an old Barry M, it’s label is too worn to make out). I’m not so chuffed with my orange slice, I just couldn’t get it right and then once I sliced one of the oranges in half I realised my version looked nothing like it. I have too much inbetweeny rind and not enough outside rind. Never mind, 2 out of three ain’t bad.


SNail Art…

So I know people can’t stand them, but I think snails are pretty darn cute. I couldn’t believe when I saw this piece of jewelry in TKMaxx and just had to have it. Once home, I began to research the designer ‘Bill Skinner’ and I’ve been in love with the stuff ever since – the pieces are so quirky and beautiful.

At the weekend I was attending a ‘see you later’ party – a friend is moving to NZ for around 8 months but coming back so not quite a ‘goodbye’ party. I decided to wear an orange dress with a gold zip and thought my snail was the perfect partner for it! Of course, because I like my attire and dress to match the snail was a must to be featured on my nails.


Bright Buddha…

So I’ve not painted my mums nails for ages, due to the fact they were in such a state. I don’t now what she’s been doing differently but today there was actually a bit of growth to work with. She decided to go for an orange holo base (which was a bit of a surprise as she usually picks black or silver) and chose to paired it with a buddha stamping plate. Something simple, but nice enough.

Buddah Accent
The more eagle eyed of you will notice I managed to warp the image a bit on her thumbnails and that there’s actually a bit of black missing, it’s like a game of spot the difference. I think without the two being together for comparison, I get away with it.

Buddah Thumb


So I like adjusting my home decor according to the seasons; fresh and bold colours for Summer and Spring, warm oranges and harvest colours for Autumn, and then of-course (the most fun in my opinion) Christmas. I took tonight’s inspiration from my teasel raccoon, isn’t he just the cutest! And I say ‘inspiration’ but I actually just copied it…

The Orange Holographic Polish* is from BornPrettyStore and I actually reviewed it just last week so I was obviously very impressed by it to have turned to using it again, although it is unlike any other polish I own so maybe that’s why. If you’re interested to find out how it fared you can read the review here.


On another note. You may, or may not, have notice I’ve been rather absent lately mainly due to two factors – a busy schedule (it’s a known fact that everything always happens at once after months of nothing), and a horrific finger injury which actually physically disabled me from bending it in to my usual ‘pose’. You can still see the aftermath, but hopefully it doesn’t look too repulsive. Please accept my apologies!

OMD3 – Day 8 V Shape…

So I went a bit strange for this one, but I think I like it… I am now on holiday (for two weeks!) so I’ll no longer be able to follow along every day with the OMD3 challenge. Booo! I managed to cram in a few designs to ‘schedule’ but ran out of time so there will be periods of radio silence.

OMD3 Day 8 V-Shape

Autumn Roots…

So Essential Nails are holding another nail art competition. I’ve entered a lot of theirs, Valentines, Christmas, Halloween etc etc. This year I wondered what had happened to the expected Halloween theme, instead they have announced an ‘Autumn Theme’. I was a bit bummed because I’d already been doing Autumn designs and I was really happy with my Autumnal Shards but I’m not sure how they’d feel about a ‘recycled’ entry. (Would it technically be re-cycled though if I repainted it but with tweeks?…)

Anyway, I thought I’d try create some more designs seeing as I have until the 16th of November. This one will not be getting entered though, it looks a bit yucky to me, like worms or something. Also this is the pattern from the Magneton background, except it didn’t really work in these colours I’m afraid!

Autumn Roots Nail Art

First attempt at ‘Spray Marble’…

So I always kind of fancied trying this technique, it was around for ages but then it kind of died off and unfortunately I’ve forgotten it’s name.  I tried to Google it and the best I could come up with is ‘Spray Marble’? Anybody else know what it’s called? It’s the technique of plopping some polish into water, then sprayed it with some perfume or something to make it split up, etc.

I wasn’t so impressed with my first try, it didn’t look as amazing as other peoples results, but it was kinda fun! Maybe the blue polish wasn’t the best to use, you know how some polishes work better than others in water? So I’m going to give it another go. Also I’ve broken my nails again, look how short my index and middle nails are, bleurgh. Seriously though, my index nail just doesn’t seem to grow as well as the others or as strong, does anyone else have one ‘problem’ nail?

Spray Marble Nail Art

Peppered Pumpkin…

So I wasn’t really in the mood for anything intricate. This absolutely reminded me of pumpkin soup when people put a swirl of cream in it and then crack black pepper over it. Anyone else? It consists of a black ‘glitter’ in white polish, dotted with black and orange and then outlined.  I think it’s quite a Halloween themed design, without it being totally obvious.
Peppered Pumpkin