Caught in a FishNet…

So for this design I’ve used some ‘Nail Apps’ by OPI in the style called ‘Fishnet’. I’ve used them before, and they are really amazing for a nail wrap – they apply well as they’re flexible and sticky enough, and they don’t chip as easily as normal nail wraps (these are made from real nail lacquer), but they do smell rather strong.

OPI FishNet Nail Apps
I decided to elevate them from normal nail wraps to nail wraps of the sea gods by adding subtle and controlled sea-themed embellishments. I find it very hard not add to much and know when to stop. At first I only wanted to do an accent nail, but then the other nails looked to naked…

OPI Fishnet NailApps
As these are applied and not painted, my right hand was able to make my left hand look pretty for once. Fortunately my non-dominant hand could even manage the placement of some charms, so I went out looking even more like a normal person. (I only ever have one hand painted, and I doubt anyone ever notices but it does worry me in case they think I’m trying to start a strange trend or something.) Look how cute that wee seahorse is!

OPI Fishnet NailApps Collage

OPI Fishnets…

So in the packet these looked a little bit icky, I just didn’t know when I would wear them and they looked a bit cheap. I’ve been so busy lately (Unexpectedly I must add, hence no posts since last week – I apologize), that I’ve not had the time to paint my nails nor really been in the mood! Hello faithful nail wrap friend. After applying them I actually really like the look. My nails are in terrible condition, all short and peely, but I think these help to camouflage their dire length. The design has a lovely shimmer, and as I’ve told everyone before OPI ‘Nail Apps’ apply very well: flexible enough to hug round your nail, re-placable incase you’re squint at first but sticky enough to stay when put and lighter feeling than other nail wraps. But, they do stink as they are ‘pure lacquer’.

OPI Nail Apps fishnet