OMD3 – Day 9 Pattern…

So I love doing this design. I’ve already created it here and a version here so it was my absolute go to design when I saw the prompt ‘Pattern’. I  changed my colour theme to make it ‘new’ looking and I really like it. Hope you do too!

Day 9 Pattern


OMD3 – Day 8 V Shape…

So I went a bit strange for this one, but I think I like it… I am now on holiday (for two weeks!) so I’ll no longer be able to follow along every day with the OMD3 challenge. Booo! I managed to cram in a few designs to ‘schedule’ but ran out of time so there will be periods of radio silence.

OMD3 Day 8 V-Shape

OMD3 – Day 7 Glittery…

So glitter is just amazing! There was so many glittery things that I could have put on my nails – sequins, loose glitter, glitter polish, charms BUT I went for a loose glitter ombre. Even though it was pink (I’m not really one of those ‘pink girls’) I really liked having it on, I was so reluctant to take it off, insert sad face.

(I could not get a good picture however, so please excuse an out of focus pinky and super cropped photo.)

Day 07 Glittery

OMD3 – Day 6 Polkadot…

So I’m keeping it simple. Polkadot means ‘one of a number of round dots repeated to form a regular pattern’ so here are some polkadots on an ombre! (Maybe a little uninspired but…)

OMD3 Day 6 Polkadot

OMD3 – Day 4 Black and Gold…

So I actually like the colour combination of black and gold so it was easy to think of something to do. My nail tape was more gold in appearance before the top coat application, I’m not sure what happened. Weird chemical reactions!

OMD3 Day 4 Black and Gold

OMD3 – Day 2 Peach…

So I only own one peach shade and that is ‘Peach Melba’ by Barry M. I was originally going to paint little peaches on the stripes but thought it would be quite funny to just write ‘Peach’. I managed to make the letters around the same size by placing nail tape on a stamper and painting the letters backwards in between, I then transferred them to my nails meaning they were the right way round.

OMD3 Day 2 Peach

Lettering Continuity

OMD3 – Day 1 Teal…

So ‘Oh Mon Dieu’ is back again this year, wooo! If you have no idea what it is and why I’m so excited to be participating, check out this reference page on ‘The Crafty Nail’. If you’re too lazy for that: it’s basically a huge, international nail art challenge with prompts for each day of the month and you can win prizes. Last year it really helped me find other bloggers/nail artists and I’m sure it helped others find me in return. It was also just fun!

Today’s prompt is ‘Teal’. I was a little uninspired with this design, it’s also a little messy as I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it. I’m having to rush through them as I’m on holiday for a whole two weeks during this month meaning I’m having to do a few designs a day to keep up. The ladies who organise it have said there’s no need to do them all, or even in order (I jumped about a lot last year) however I want to try and do as many as possible. Last year I managed to complete 24 days, and I’m determined to beat that this year!

OMD3 Day 1 Teal