Blue Ombre on Ombre…

So I’ve painted green and pink ombre on ombres now here’s a blue one! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I did a few sketches which I’m just trying to work my way through. Nothing more to say about it really!

Blue Ombre on Ombre
Blue Ombre on Ombre

Pink Ombre on Ombre…

So I don’t actually know if this style has a specific name, I’ve seen it around in various forms but never paid attention to how people described it, so I’m just going for ‘Ombre on Ombre’. I knew my striping tapes would be too thin to keep the ombre off the other ombre, and I only have normal sellotape which I knew would be too sticky. But fear not, I stuck the sellotape to the palm of my hand first to make it less sticky and it worked a treat! My pinky is the odd one out as it has a wider triangle meaning it’s covered the lighter colour at the top, let it be said I did this one first though. But hey, it works over all right?

Ombre Nail Art