A Mermaid’s Treasures…

So here’s the design that I created with the three polishes from my ‘A Mermaid’s Life‘ set, displaying how well they work together. Isn’t it just beautiful! I found them so pretty that they became a serious driving hazard. I used ‘A Mermaid’s Tale’ as the base, then coated them in  ‘A Mermaid’s Tears’, finally painting them with ‘A Mermaid’s Dream’ in an ombre style. The pearls and sea-life studs are from BornPrettyStore.

A Mermaids Life Pond Effect
It’s got such a beautiful depth to it, and is super shiny in reality. I’ve actually been wearing them since Wednesday because I can’t bear to take them off. They are also surprisingly chip free, considering I’ve cleaned out my four guineapigs, water changed my 6 fish tanks and been in the pool teaching.

A Mermaids Life and Treasures
Below shows my layering of the polishes before the additions. It’s a weird one because in the photos the base (A Mermaid’s Tale) looks a lot more blue than it is, it definitely has green and gold tones.

A Mermaids Life Ombre.


OMD3 – Day 7 Glittery…

So glitter is just amazing! There was so many glittery things that I could have put on my nails – sequins, loose glitter, glitter polish, charms BUT I went for a loose glitter ombre. Even though it was pink (I’m not really one of those ‘pink girls’) I really liked having it on, I was so reluctant to take it off, insert sad face.

(I could not get a good picture however, so please excuse an out of focus pinky and super cropped photo.)

Day 07 Glittery

Citrus Fizz…

I was experimenting with my glitters again, I don’t know if I personally like this combination. Too garish? Quite fresh, more of a Summer look I’d say.
I really need to get a set of glitters though as I only have a few colours. (I know what some of my next wage is getting spent on!…)

Citrus Fizz Glitter Nail Art

Gradient Glitter…

This was my first attempt at trying to use glitter in a gradient! It turned out okay. I added a little gem, just because I can’t seem to leave anything too plain. They are honestly so glossy and glittery; I heaped top coat onto them seeing as the glitter absorbs it so much and also to make them smooth  to the touch. (It’s a shame the photo doesn’t convey it well.)
P.s My index finger as it is disgustingly short. As you can see I managed to pull it into the quick when I broke it. Yuck!

Glitter Gradient