New Year 2017…

So it’s almost a new year! I know that 2016 hasn’t been kind to many  of my personal friends, and I understand there has been a lot of celebrity death, as well as events that people felt very strongly towards either way like Trump being elected and Brexit, but to be honest it was an okay year for me. Of course, it’s always exciting to look forward to a new one and I know there are some awesome things lined up for me (I’m not sharing yet, it’s a surprise!) so let’s go!

Happy New Year guys!


2015, and a round-up…

So I’m a bit late with a post for the new year, but it’s the effort that counts right! These polishes are from an OPI Muppets set titled ‘Romancing the Frog’ that I received for Christmas. I think they look great together (probably why the come as a set, huh?) so I kept it simple. The glitter polish, called ”Muppets World Tour”, took three coats for me to be happy with how it looked just on bare nails. And the blue is called ”Miss Piggy’s big number” which I will be interested to see how it turns out as a base colour.

2015 Nails
Here’s a little round up of my top ten nail art designs from last year. I’ve never done a round up for any of the 3 years I’ve been blogging but 2014 was the year that I started to get a bit more ‘savvy’ with social media, more involved in the blog scene, etc so it seems appropriate to do one now. They’re all in there for different reasons so I’ve tried to briefly explain why in their captions. (I’ve not included any of my Pokemon challenge because it’s incomplete!)