New Year New Neon…

So I received a set of Nails Inc ‘Stay Bright Neons’ for my Christmas and decided to use one of the polishes (‘Claridge gardens’) as the base for my new year nails. The set includes a ‘neon activator’ which you have to apply as a base for the neon colour – it looked a lot like normal white nail varnish to me but it sure did make the neon pop!

I then threw on a sprinkling of holo glitter, which has disappointingly photographed as just silver, and some green round glitter to give me that ‘lets have a party’ feeling.

All the best for 2018 everyone!

Nails Inc Stay Bright Neon Pink.JPG

Nails Inc Stay Bright Neon Pink Party Nails.JPG


Summer Sprinkles…

So I totally shouldn’t be spending money on nail varnish at the moment but… I’ve had my eye on this Claire’s accessories confetti polish (even though they’re calling it a glitter polish) for ages and I gave in and bought it… It’s been so sunny lately – it’s lovely! So this design is perfectly weather appropriate, being cheery and bright.

The only studs I have are metallic coloured which didn’t suit the look I was aiming for. So I just painted them first, let them dry then applied as normal!

Summer Sprinkles

Summer Time Stripes…

So I’ve not used my striping tape in a wee while (the last time I did, it had a horrible result and I think I got put off) but when I saw this tutorial on one of my favourite blogs at the moment, I thought ‘hey, I have to try this!’.  Also I have a bit of a crush on Neon colours at the moment, so here they are again. I was surprised by how long this took! Seriously. Cutting the tape, carefully painting between the lines, peeling it off, top coating it – it wasn’t difficult,  just took ages for me! Maybe I’m out of practice with fiddly things …

Summer Time Stripes

Tigers do like Water…

So I bought some water decals, but never really got round to using them. The usual story ae! This weekend I decided to make time for them specifically seeing as I missed a post this week (whoops). I love them. They’re so fun and easy to use, and I think they look really good. I bought mine from ‘at your fingertips nailart design’ on Ebay – they weren’t too expensive, postage is very fair and they have a great selection.

The decals themselves took seconds to apply, you literally just soak them in water until they start sliding off then plonk them on your nails and dry off the excess water. They were great because you could re-position them before securing them for real , they weren’t as delicate as I was expecting either – I could touch them and tweezers them and they never crinkled or tore. My base coats drying time was what held me up rather than the decals themselves. And I use Save the Nails 45 seconds top coat which is super true to its name. The decal sheet had lots on it, so you can really get good use from them by using them in different designs. Over-all, excellent and enjoyable!

Tiger Water Decals


So for new years, I fancied wearing something black and silver and gold (who didn’t!) but instead decided to go for something at the opposite end of the spectrum. Neon Colours! Wooo! I didn’t have enough time to do anything amazing, so I paired up the colours with some cool zig-zag nail wraps. Again, this is a design that was great for using up odd ends of left-over wraps. These ones were out of ‘Savers’ – they’re quite thick but very sticky and have managed to stay on my nails for the whole night and over night (which is when they tend to slide off or get all fluffy or tear or something. You gals know how nail wraps are sometimes!). They were £1, so I’d say worth it!


Neon Tiger…

I’m off to the zoo today for my boyfriends birthday so of course my nails had to be something animal related! I’m into neons just now (who isn’t) and sponging so combined them both, and decided on a tiger/zebra print. You can’t see it very well in the photos, but it’s actually yellow and green sponged together.

Neon Tiger Nail Art

Here’s the sponging – looks kind of like that textured nail polish?

Neon Sponged Nails