Negative(space) Toe Nails…

So I am over run with ‘nub’ nails – on my hands and feet. Since my finger nails were in such a dire state I thought it would be a wiser move to paint my toenails. However, look how short my right big toe nail is, urgh. What on earth happened to that. I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t appreciate talons on my toes (it’s just uncomfortable) but I don’t want them that short either – it’s right down to the wood and it’s a weird shape… Grow nails, grow, yous can do it!

Negative ToeNail Space


Negative Space…

So I’ve not painted a negative nail space design in quite a while, so when I saw one on instagram from ‘@Attitude_Nails’ I wanted to recreate it but not in the same colour. I mean the original colour was lovely but I wanted to make what I did min and by doing so I think it’s given it a completely different look!

Negative Nail Space inspired by @Attitude_Nails
Negative Nail Space inspired by @Attitude_Nails


So this is the ‘exciting thing’ that I mentioned in an earlier post. It’s a blinking LED, NFC (near field communication) nail sticker – meaning that when it’s near your phone (and your phone is on) your nail will blink! MIND BLOWN! I bought two different coloured ones from Born Pretty Store here for around £2.50 each, which I thought pretty good and if you use the code AZYW10 you’ll get 10% off too.

The first one, a white LED, I applied it to my ring finger nails but the actual ‘chip’ ended up peeling away from the backing – this was due to my nail being too curved, so be warned. I didn’t discard the chip as I’m going to see if I can maybe attach it to my nails with nail glue.

Do not wear them on overly curved nails or else this could be your result too...
Do not wear them on overly curved nails or else this could be your result too…


The next one, a blue LED, I applied to my middle finger which is much flatter. It applied fine, I should have really used common sense… Hindsight argh. It was easy to paint around and as you can see it of course makes your nail thicker looking but it’s not obviously so.

NFC LED Nail Sticker
NFC LED Nail Sticker
Side View of NFC Nail Sticker.
Side View of NFC Nail Sticker.

It’s so bright too! I took videos of it blinking in the light and in the dark just for comparison, it looks so cool in the dark. It stayed on my nail for around 2 days before it started to peel up at the sides of my nail. Again I have saved the chip in hope it can be ‘reused’.


MiniManiMonth ‘Boudoir’…

So I was going to do a santa costume for this colour, it was just that kind of red, but thought that was too obvious. I then decided to to a ‘twist’ on Candy Canes by using negative nail space. I don’t quite know if that concept worked, they’re pretty removed from candy canes, but I think it looks cool anyway. I’ve ran out of striping tape so all those lines were hand painted, a little wobbly but not that bad!

Candy Cane

OMD2 – Day 23 Negative Space…

So I’ve kind of jumped a week ahead and decided to try the Negative theme. I wanted to do ‘Brights’ but I messed up my neon base and started all over again. Having recently bought some of those hole punch reinforcement thingies I wanted to try them out. And I love them, using them was so fun!

Negative Circles

Bridal Negatives…

So I’ve never really done any ‘bridal’ looking nails before but I think these turned out looking like they’d do for a bridesmaid or something.  Anyone agree? Also how big does ‘negative nail space’/’cut out nail art’ seem to be again. I love it!

Bridal Negatives