Negative(space) Toe Nails…

So I am over run with ‘nub’ nails – on my hands and feet. Since my finger nails were in such a dire state I thought it would be a wiser move to paint my toenails. However, look how short my right big toe nail is, urgh. What on earth happened to that. I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t appreciate talons on my toes (it’s just uncomfortable) but I don’t want them that short either – it’s right down to the wood and it’s a weird shape… Grow nails, grow, yous can do it!

Negative ToeNail Space


Negative Space…

So I’ve not painted a negative nail space design in quite a while, so when I saw one on instagram from ‘@Attitude_Nails’ I wanted to recreate it but not in the same colour. I mean the original colour was lovely but I wanted to make what I did min and by doing so I think it’s given it a completely different look!

Negative Nail Space inspired by @Attitude_Nails
Negative Nail Space inspired by @Attitude_Nails

MiniManiMonth ‘Boudoir’…

So I was going to do a santa costume for this colour, it was just that kind of red, but thought that was too obvious. I then decided to to a ‘twist’ on Candy Canes by using negative nail space. I don’t quite know if that concept worked, they’re pretty removed from candy canes, but I think it looks cool anyway. I’ve ran out of striping tape so all those lines were hand painted, a little wobbly but not that bad!

Candy Cane

Bridal Negatives…

So I’ve never really done any ‘bridal’ looking nails before but I think these turned out looking like they’d do for a bridesmaid or something.  Anyone agree? Also how big does ‘negative nail space’/’cut out nail art’ seem to be again. I love it!

Bridal Negatives