Looks familiar…

So after the 5 years of painting my nails, it was bound to happen that I’d create a duplicate design and here it is. It was only after I’d finished them and had a good look at it that I got the whole ‘I’ve seen this before…’ feeling. What’s even more freaky is that the lines are hand painted for both designs (I could have used striping tape for either), I’ve painted the same amount of stripes on each finger bar my index (I could have painted them thinner or thicker) and I’ve also chosen the same finger to have the charm on. I didn’t realise I was so predictable! The previous anchor design is here, which do you prefer?

Navy Anchor Nail Art.JPG


Gilded Anchor…

So this design was really simple to do, but I think it looks really effective! I used nail foil glue and some gold foil to create the golden stripes and an Anchor Charm from Born Pretty Store. I attached it with just Seche Vite but it’s quite a thick charm and doesn’t sit anywhere near flat so I had to ensure I got the polish all in around it to guarantee it would stay stuck. (I’ve actually had these on from Saturday, and the anchor is still there!)

Gilded Anchor
Anchor Charm

OMD2 – Day 27 Nautical…

So I was trying to avoid the usual blue, white and red that I’ve always done for ‘nautical’ nails. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, I really like the look, it’s just that I’ve already painted it a few times. So I went for knots, they’re used on boat right! Here we have an ‘overhand’, a ‘figure 8’, a ‘slip-knot’ and a ‘reef knot’.

OMD2 Nautical