Kiko Denim…

So I have a bit of an ongoing love affair with the cosmetics brand ‘Kiko’, does anyone else use their stuff? They don’t test on animals and their make-up is really great. I only wear, (therefore only buy) eye make up so that’s all I’ve used but it’s highly pigmented, comes in a great range of colours and is actually really affordable for such quality.

Anyway I thought I would try some of their nail products, firstly these nail wraps. As much as I love to paint my nails there’s sometimes just no time to actually do so, so wraps are a great convenience.

Kiko Denim Nail Wraps

The applied really smoothly, they were reasonably sized and I was able to file off the excess easily. Over all I was impressed! If you wanted to they could have been customized quite easily with say gems or studs or even mixed and matched with nail polishes.

Kiko Nail Wraps Applied


Burnished Metal…

So I thought this design started off quite cool – I used some left over nail wraps and made a burnished effect with a fan brush. But then my silly brain said to me ‘more is always better, why not add some pearls but not just a few, a whole bunch of them!’ and that’s when the design sort of went south. They don’t even make sense as to why they’re there! But I kind of like it in a messed up way. Yes, No?

Burnished Metal
Pearlised Metal

OPI Sequin Lacquer Strips…

So it was my birthday yesterday, yaay happy birthday to me! I knew my dad was taking me out for lunch, so obviously didn’t want naked nails. But  when I got in on Wednesday night after work, I was too lazy tired to actually paint my nails so opted to try out another set of OPI real lacquer strips, this time ‘Sequins’. I’ve worn them twice before, but never this design. If you can’t be bothered reading my previous posts, I’ll do a little re-cap.

They apply really well – flexible, sticky but not too sticky that you can’t correct them if you place it wrong, easy to file the ends off, easy to cut to size if the pre-shaped sizes don’t fit. They come off easily with nail varnish remover. But! They do stink! Like even worse than some of my nail polishes. Be warned!

OPI Sequins

B&M Nail Wraps – Silver Bling…

So, as the title suggests, these nail wraps are from B&M. Price wise, they are 89p each or two for £1.50. They looked pretty cool in the packet, and tonight I couldn’t decide what base colour to chose so I just when for naked nails (with a clear base coat of course). They nail wraps are pretty sticky which was great, but also very brittle – meaning they cracked in places rather than following my nail shape and also snapped rather than being neatly filed off. They look messy! But from afar, I think I can pull them off and they honestly do look a lot better the further away you are…

B&M Nail Wraps

OPI Fishnets…

So in the packet these looked a little bit icky, I just didn’t know when I would wear them and they looked a bit cheap. I’ve been so busy lately (Unexpectedly I must add, hence no posts since last week – I apologize), that I’ve not had the time to paint my nails nor really been in the mood! Hello faithful nail wrap friend. After applying them I actually really like the look. My nails are in terrible condition, all short and peely, but I think these help to camouflage their dire length. The design has a lovely shimmer, and as I’ve told everyone before OPI ‘Nail Apps’ apply very well: flexible enough to hug round your nail, re-placable incase you’re squint at first but sticky enough to stay when put and lighter feeling than other nail wraps. But, they do stink as they are ‘pure lacquer’.

OPI Nail Apps fishnet

Scratch Roppongi Glam Glitter…

So I couldn’t stay away from using these again for long. This time I tried to go for a different look – the picture doesn’t do the glitter any justice and it all looks a bit weird. But in the flesh, it honestly doesn’t look so strange. I just love love love how versatile these are, I wish I’d bought a few packets! I’ve still got some left, so stay tuned (hope yous aren’t bored of seeing them!).

Roppongi Glam Glitter

Scratch ROPPONGI Glam…

So when I saw a Scratch nail wrap review over on ‘Lifes Glitz Pagent‘, I just had to try them out. They were a company that was new to myself, and the concept of an actual nail wrap made of nail varnish was (then) unknown to me too. Their designs were cute and funky and even though quite expensive for my usual budget, I thought ‘Why not!’ (Left-over Christmas money ae…). I chose two designs, ‘ROPPONGI Glam’ and ‘HARAJUKU Kawaii’, mainly because I couldn’t re-create those designs myself and also because I love Britney Tokyo designs. They’re ones that you look at and go, ‘How over the top and impractical, and I could never do that or wear them, but they’re still awesome!’ kind of thing. With them being so expensive, I wanted to wait for an occassion. So at the weekend I was taken out for dinner in Glasgow which was a perfect excuse to whack them on!

Scratch Roppongi Glam

They were really thin and pliable which allowed them to hug my nail, and they stuck really well – sort of blending into my base colour. I found that heating them up between my fingers first help them become like this, as the first one I applied sort of cracked a bit. They don’t feel as ‘heavy’ as other nail wraps – like I’m not conscious of them being there and they just feel like thick nail varnish. You get plenty in a set and once open you have 1 month to use them before they dry out, meaning you can use them on (almost) every nail like myself, or use them as accent nails resulting in more wears for your money. They have a clear background, meaning you can customize the look even further – I used a saran wrapped silver on-top of a Barry M ‘Guava’ base and then added half pearls and gems. They had a lovely glossy finish, and have stayed on until now without any damage.

Over-all – I’m super impressed! I’d certainly recommend giving them a go if you have the spare cash or just want a treat!

O.P.I Nail Apps Giveaway!…

So I really liked wearing these ‘nail apps’. As I previously said they were nice to apply and lasted well and when removing them, all I needed was nail varnish remover – they didn’t need scraped off, or leave a sticky residue. Brill! So as they were such a bargain and it was such a good product, I thought ‘Hey, I’d like to share these with folk’. So I went out and bought 5 more sets. Personally I thought maybe one set each for 5 winners was more exciting than one big bundle for one winner?… Anyway, the give-away isn’t for anything in particular, no milestone or anything. I personally dislike it when give-aways are like ‘Tweet my Twitter’, and ‘Follow my Instagram’ or whatever else because I don’t have these things so I can never actually enter. Due to this I’ve made it quite easy to enter (I hope – I’ve never used rafflecopter, I’m not sure how it works, so I was kind of winging it! I just hope it works..). Give it a go!

Enter the giveaway here ! And let me know if there’s any problems.

Here are the ‘apps’ up for grabs! From left to right: ‘Blk/Grey Rattlesnake’, ‘Sequins’, ‘Parisians’, ‘Floral’, ‘Geometric Sparkle’.


Give-Away Details…

It’s international, seeing as they’ll be quite cheap to post – just make sure your country won’t deem the package dangerous or anything weird like that (I know some places have some odd restrictions).

5 people will win one set of ‘Nail Apps’, the design the winners will be sent will be randomly picked.

I bought these products myself. I’m not gaining financially, etc from doing this, etc, etc whatever everyone else says in their disclosures.

The Give-away is ‘open’ for a week-ish! Good Luck!

O.P.I Nail Apps…

So my nails are in a terrible, terrible state. They’re dry, and peely, and short and yuck! With them being so ugly and too depressing to paint on I went for nail wraps. Or rather ‘Nail Apps’ from  O.P.I. On the packaging it says they are ‘100% pure lacquer’, I’ve never tried wraps like that before or any O.P.I stuff as it’s usually pretty darn expensive. The ‘Nail Apps’ are r.r.p at £7.59-£9.99, this is true, and I’d never pay that but I picked them up at ‘B&M’ for… £1.99. Wow wow wow. I ended up buying five different sets… Technically £50 worth for £10. Bargain!

They applied nicely; they stuck to the nail well, they didn’t wrinkle too much like some other brands (I messed up my thumb…), as of yet they haven’t chipped or anything. But they smell like actual nail varnish – which I suppose I should have expected seeing as that’s what they technically are but I just didn’t realise just how much they would stink. They do have a lovely over-all look to them! I’m impressed but I’m glad I only paid £1.99 for them, maybe I’m just a cheap-skate though…
This design is ‘Reptile’.

OPI Nail Apps, Reptile


So for new years, I fancied wearing something black and silver and gold (who didn’t!) but instead decided to go for something at the opposite end of the spectrum. Neon Colours! Wooo! I didn’t have enough time to do anything amazing, so I paired up the colours with some cool zig-zag nail wraps. Again, this is a design that was great for using up odd ends of left-over wraps. These ones were out of ‘Savers’ – they’re quite thick but very sticky and have managed to stay on my nails for the whole night and over night (which is when they tend to slide off or get all fluffy or tear or something. You gals know how nail wraps are sometimes!). They were £1, so I’d say worth it!