Halloween Wheel 2015…

So here’s my Halloween Nail Art ideas for this year! I hand painted every nail, except from the red centipedes and black spiders which were stamped. My personal faves are probably the melted ice-cream looking ghost, and I’m pretty proud of that pumpkin too. The one I’m most disappointed with is the ‘toffee apple’, who knows what it looks like without being told! What’s your faves from my wheel?


Valentines 2015…

So here’s my nail wheel for this year! I’m happy that I managed to finish the whole wheel this year, last years was a bit of a disaster as I was lacking creativity. I am also pretty happy with how most of them turned out – that bunch of flowers though no no no no no. Favourite? I’d have to say ‘Love’, ‘XOXO’, and the chocolate coated strawberry.

Valentines Nail Wheel 2015
Valentines Nail Wheel 2015


Christmas Nail Wheel…

Sorry if it’s too early for some of yous!
At my work the Christmas decorations are up, the Christmas stock is on sale, and the Christmas CD is already being played, the grotto has been erected and ‘Santa’ arrives on the 25th. Over-load, right. I could only hold back for so long before painting a wheel. Christmas is sssoo easy to design for! I still have a few ideas in my head, so maybe a second wheel will be on the cards… And this time, I might be able to paint them facing the right way. I had already painted a few before I realised… Idiot!

I did a crop flip thing, so that some weren’t upside down.

Dotting Nail Wheel…

So! Been practising my dotting techniques on a nail wheel, I didn’t realise how handy they’d be. It’s great being able to actually show people the design, rather than describing it and getting a confused/concerned look in return.

I’ve got one nail blank though and it’s totally bugging me, I hit a creative block and literally couldn’t think of anymore. So frustrating. What do yous think though!?