Halloween Wheel 2015…

So here’s my Halloween Nail Art ideas for this year! I hand painted every nail, except from the red centipedes and black spiders which were stamped. My personal faves are probably the melted ice-cream looking ghost, and I’m pretty proud of that pumpkin too. The one I’m most disappointed with is the ‘toffee apple’, who knows what it looks like without being told! What’s your faves from my wheel?



Washi tape wrapped frame…

So today I have another crafty project for you. It’s been great moving into a new house as I’ve got to create some new things for it. I found these round photo-frames in Poundland for £1 funnily enough, and thought they’d be great for displaying some of my favourite nail wheels. I got them in purple, pink and blue as at the time I didn’t know how my room was going to turn out. Unfortunately after decorating it, only the pink sort of matched. I decided it would be feasible to wrap the other colours in washi tape to make them more suitable for my room!

1. All you need is some washi tape, scissors and a photoframe.
2. Wrap the tape round the frame.
3. Keep wrapping until the whole frame is covered.
4. Ta da! Completed frame with nail wheel.

Washi Tape Wrapped Frames