OMD3 – Day 12 Watermelon…

So I actually recently painted a watermelon design, therefore I wanted to do something different from the ‘norm’. I went for a more contemporary (yeah?) style using nail tape for the lines and seeds.

Day 12 Watermelon


OMD3 – Day 9 Pattern…

So I love doing this design. I’ve already created it here and a version here so it was my absolute go to design when I saw the prompt ‘Pattern’. I  changed my colour theme to make it ‘new’ looking and I really like it. Hope you do too!

Day 9 Pattern

Autumnal Shards…

So I’ve been clinging on to my ‘summer colours’ as it’s been amazing weather for September/October, however the leaves have changed and they’re dropping off so maybe it is time for change. I love using my nail tape to create triangle nail art, you need patience and time but it’s kinda therapeutic (for me anyway!). Also why is glitter never as pretty in pictures as it is in the flesh, boooo.

P.S. Talking of change, I feel it’s time for me to join Twitter/Instagram. However I’m nervous, eeepp. Is it worth it? Do people care? What do you ‘tweet’ about? Am I better joining one or the other instead of both? Help!

Autumnal Shards

TTNC ‘Bling Spring has finally Sprung’…

So I think I’ve got it this time! Lighter, pastel colours, check. Some bling but not too much bling, check. But… do those triangles count as nail art – answers below please because if they do then I’m afraid I’ve failed again. No nail art allowed! Also, really scraping the bottom of the barrel for props, caterpillars are nice and spring related right. It’s a shame the caterpillar in no way compliments the nail art and if anything it detracts from it… Cute though no?

Spring Bling Triangles

Summer Carnival…

So I’ve kind of cheated for this design. If you can remember yesterdays (here), I’ve actually removed the studded nails because they smudged off – my base layers must’ve been too thick/not dry, keeping the confetti ones. Not because the thought of having to take off catchy glitter is freaking me out or anything… I had no idea what I was doing so just went for it and it’s resulted in my taping being weird and then it all went over the top and the nails don’t really match each other, but hey. It’s a summer carnival design, anything bright goes right!….

Summer Carnival

Swimming Pool Tiles…

So yet again I’m using my striping tape. I wasn’t too happy with how these turned out, one of the blues was kind of lost and I got the pattern mixed up on my ring finger which is bugging me so much! The colour combination reminded me of bathrooms and swimming-pools!

Swimming Pool Tiles

Striping tape teal…

Another teal design to again match my hair, this time using striping tape. I still haven’t perfected my technique which means only more practice! I still haven’t got a new camera, so my phone makes the purple on top of the teal look dark blue, and the purple base look lighter. Blergh.

Striping Tape Teal

Laser light show…

It’s the first time I’ve cracked out my striping tape, and I love the effect! So much so I went on to paint my mums nails too.
I randomly splodged colours for my base, then tape, then the black. I quickly found out that applying it thinner worked better, too thick and it kinda dragged the edges up. Top coat to finish, because you could kind of see the layers.

And here are my mums nails. The multi-colour was a little too adventurous for her tastes, so a black and silver combo it had to be. Totally different look though, yes?