Watermarbled Foil…

So I love using my foils to create a mash-up of colours! I don’t think I could bored of doing it as you get a different looking outcome each time. I then water marbled over the top of them using the coloured polish and topcoat combo to give the transparent sections. (Blob of colour, blob of topcoat, blob of colour, blob of topcoat, and so on then swish it all about). Looks pretty cool huh? And if you can’t stand the gif there’s a normal pic down the bottom!

Marbled Foil GIF
Marbling over foils


BornPrettyStore: Colourful Leopards…

So if my original post using the Born Pretty Store Nail Foil* ‘A11’ was too dull for you, how about this multi-coloured madness that I did for my mum! Totally changes the look of the print right? I personally like the green and pink, although the blue is close behind. I pretty much like them all haha!

The blue is Barry M ‘Guava’.
The green is Barry M ‘Key Lime’.
The pink is No17 ‘Grapefruit’.
The orange is Barry M ‘Tangerine’.

Remember if you’re placing an order at BPS, use the code ‘AZYW10’ to get a 10% discount on their already low prices.

BornPrettyStore Nail Foil on Multi-Colours.
BornPrettyStore Nail Foil on Multi-Colours.

*product was given to me free of charge for review.

My mum attempts nail foiling…

So I’ve not painted my mums nails in a while and was in a foiling mood. I panted her nails first, and then thought it would be fun to let her foil mines.(A funny) Mistake. She couldn’t remember where she’d put glue, she sort of crept up on the nail foil and surprised it by squishing it down hard onto my nails, she was putting the glue on too thick etc etc. Even though she’d just seen me do it, and I was trying to instruct her. So my mums attempt came out pretty hilariously bad, but I think she enjoyed giving it a go.

My own nails, done painted by my mum, notice the ‘interesting’ designs;

Mums Nail Foil Nail Art
And my mums nails painted by me. I didn’t really like the silver combination but;

Stiped Foil Nail Art

OMD2 – Day 15 Abstract…

So I was super struggling with Abstract. Anything I thought of then became too structured, therefore I went for some crazy foiling action. (Does it count!?) And as I’m going out this weekend black and foils seemed totally appropriate for party ware.

The first time I tried this ‘messy’ look, was when trying recreate the mashed up colourful look that ciate had a kit out for, but I didn’t have anything colourful so it ended up looking like this. But! I realised today whilst making my friends birthday card that I could totally use my craft foils, blew my mind. Now my nails look like this!

OMD2 Abstract
And seeing as I was going out, I couldn’t get away with only painting one hand – which I usually do and everyone thinks I’m really weird for, I just can’t control anything with my right hand.  So I photographed both, but as I’ve never actually compared my hands, I mean I’ve looked at them yes but never actually compared them in front of me on a screen – they look seriously weird. It was freaking me out a bit. Looks at my squinty fingers and strange shaped nails, and my left hand just could not pose properly! (Apart from in the pose shown.) Anyone else had this problem?..

Left and Right hand foiled

Iridescent Cross…

So I couldn’t really be bothered painting today, so I decided to opt for some foils and rhinestones. This was one of these designs that was super hard to capture in a photo. The foil looks like spilled petrol, it’s really nice, but  as you can see it came out more like a bland silver. How great sounding is ‘iridescent’ ae!

Iridescent Cross Nail Art

Wonderfoil Wolf…

So around two years ago I received a Rio nail foil kit and some Rio nail art pens for Christmas. These started my addiction to nail painting. I used to foil my nails quite a lot, it was pretty therapeutic and it didn’t require much concentration. But it seemed to go out of fashion, so the foil kit was shoved to the back of my wardrobe. The ‘pens’ were pretty tricky to use, they were described as being ‘nibbed’ meaning they had a tiny, thin tube where the polish came out resulting in poor consistency and control – they were binned after a year or so as they split and I found out I could use fine brushes/dotting tools.

Recently though I have noticed foils coming back in, not in the traditional way I used to wear them but as a mashed up, patchy look! It might have something to do with Ciate having a kit available. I checked it out at my TK Maxx, at £10 it seemed like a good buy for Ciate stuff but I already had a kit! Admittedly my foils weren’t as sparkly, colourful or unusual as the Ciate arrangement but I made do.

My verdict, I can’t decide if I like the look. Maybe with a different base polish or more colourful/contrasting foils it could have looked better. But to me this attempt just looks like it’s all chipped! Opinions?

Foil Nail Art