Silver Snowflakes…

So it’s still not hit me that Christmas is in 7 days… That’s not a very long time at all so I felt like I needed to crack out my Christmas themed nail art supplies before the season passes by. Tonight I chose to use some snowflake Nail Foil that I bought from BornPrettyStore. The snowflakes are quite far apart on the ribbon so I decided to cut some out, meaning I could place them how I wanted. I also added some gemstones to the middle of the snowflakes to jazz the whole thing up a bit. I think it makes for a more classy Christmas design? I’ve seen some SnowflakeFoilNailArt

BornPrettyStore: Holographic Leaves Foil…

So I keep wanting to say ‘Holographic leaf’ foil, but that’s not the way it is and it’s bugged me this whole time, I needed to get that off my chest before we started. And breathe… So pretty!

I received this ‘Holographic Leaves Foil‘* from BornPrettyStore to review. I’ve previously used their leopard print foil herehere and here, so as you can probably tell I really like how that foil performs. This time round I chose a holographic pattern to see how well it would apply. Any guesses? It applied so well, how good does it look!

Now to rewind a little. The foil itself comes in a handy little tub, meaning no folding or potential scratching off of the design. There’s about a meter in there which is pretty good going. The only ‘problem’ I could pick at is the fact the pattern is quite large, meaning I had to chose individual leaves for each nail. Once I sized it up I cut around the leaves I wanted so as not to waste foil or end up with accidental stickage.

To make the foils stick I applied my nail foil glue, not included with the foil but you can pick it up at BPS too, and waited until I could no longer see it (it applies white, and once clear it means the glue is tacky enough for the foils to stick). I then applied the foil on top, making sure it was the correct side down so the pattern would actually transfer. Usually I have a hoof stick that I rub over the nail but the foil was so amazing the backing paper actually lifted off without much pressure at all – I was actually able to rub it gently with my finger! You can see in picture below the clear ‘break’ lines of the stuck foil and the foil still on the backing.

Once applied, it is vital to top coat the foil. Your nail is still kind of tacky afterwards, and unless top coated you WILL end up with fluffy nails, trust me… This was the part that made me nervous though. I know with my other metallic foils (Rio) that SecheVite can alter their appearance, as in sometimes change them to a whole different colour. The top photo shows the foils freshly applied, the one underneath shows it top coated. To me there is a comparable difference, the top coated leaf looks more silver, it’s kind of lost it’s ‘holographicness’, and is a little streaky but I actually think it looks more punchy!

I decided to use some Barry M polishes, ‘Raspberry’ and ‘Watermelon’ to create an Autumnal vibe. (LOL look at me ‘swatching’. So much to learn, like making my bottles fingerprint free…)

Barry M Rasberry
Barry M Watermelon
I applied my selected individual leaves to each nail, and it think it looks great! Just perfect for Autumn. Maybe not the jaundiced looking hand that follows though…

Because I am myself, I couldn’t just leave (AH HA) them at that. I felt like I wanted to create a sandwich (non-edible), so coated the leaves with their respective base colour. I couldn’t beLEAVE it actually worked, yes very subtle, but it worked!

It looks the most effective on my thumb. You can see the layers really clearly and look, some ‘holographicness’ even with top coat! Maybe it depends on the angle of the light. So what do you think of the leafy sandwich, did I just totally waste the whole thing?…

To recap, the ‘Holographic Leaves Foil‘ are a little large in pattern but look pretty, apply beautifully, top coat successfully (even if they do turn more silver with SecheVite, I don’t think it wastes them), are versatile and you should totally just go buy them as they’re perfect for Autumn! If you use my code ‘AZYW10’ you’ll get 10% off all full priced items in your order, you’ll also earn points that you can eventually use towards future purchases and it’s free shipping, yaaay!


Houndstooth with Silver…

So I purchased some nail art supplies out of a shop called ‘Wilkos’ for £1 each – a set of nail wraps, french manicure tip guides and  ‘nail jewels’ – 4 little tubs of  very fine nail foil. I haven’t seen their nail products before so I was keen to try them. I’ve already used the tip guides for my green ombre on ombre, and they worked great, so today I decided to use the foils and wraps.

The wraps are definitely in the ‘thicker’ category, but not in the ‘too thick’ one – meaning they were able to bend round the nail and hug it, but not pliable enough to get rid of two tiny wrinkles. Still acceptable for £1!

The foil, this is where it gets confusing. The following points about it aren’t meant to be complaints, but they kind of sound like that, but I’m not sure if that means I am complaining about it because it wasn’t actually ‘bad’?…  The foil is super fine, I sometimes accidentally blew it away with my breathing or arm movements. It also stuck to everything without much coaxing, my tray and my fingers mainly. I used nail foil glue to make it stick to my nails and I did want the pieces of silver to be small and delicate… However with the foil glue being so sticky and the foil being so keen to attach itself to anything I ended up with big clumsy chunks. Nevermind! I still enjoyed working with it, and really like it?… Confused, I am.

Houndstooth with Silver Foil
Houndstooth with Silver Foil

My mum attempts nail foiling…

So I’ve not painted my mums nails in a while and was in a foiling mood. I panted her nails first, and then thought it would be fun to let her foil mines.(A funny) Mistake. She couldn’t remember where she’d put glue, she sort of crept up on the nail foil and surprised it by squishing it down hard onto my nails, she was putting the glue on too thick etc etc. Even though she’d just seen me do it, and I was trying to instruct her. So my mums attempt came out pretty hilariously bad, but I think she enjoyed giving it a go.

My own nails, done painted by my mum, notice the ‘interesting’ designs;

Mums Nail Foil Nail Art
And my mums nails painted by me. I didn’t really like the silver combination but;

Stiped Foil Nail Art

Foil Stripes…

So I maybe did this one the wrong way round. I painted a black base, taped off areas and then applied foil glue in between. I added my foils (I decided on just blue, green and silver) and then peeled off the tape. Afterwards I noticed the foils had missing patches, etc etc and I was like ‘Heeey, wait a minute’… I think if I had a foil base and then painted on top, it would have resulted in cleaner lines and maybe better looking foiling! I’m so backwards sometimes… duuurrr. Also my top coat seemed to pick up shiny bits from the foils and dragged them everywhere, meaning in reality it looks like a shimmer black! It looks kinda cool so I’m not too peeved.

Foil Striped Nail Art

OMD2 – Day 7 Holographic…

So I didn’t think I’d be able to participate for this theme as I don’t own a holographic polish. I do however have ‘holographic’ foil. So ta da!

I reckon this will be my last entry for the OMD2 Challenge, boo, but I’ve super enjoyed it so thanks BrijitJacquiJemma and Lindsay.  I’ve enjoyed following the themes, it’s forced me (in a good way) to use colours I don’t like or try themes I never would have normally. It’s certainly going to be weird going back to normal. I found some fantastic new blogs to follow, and I’m sure other people have found my blog through this challenge too. It’s been so interesting to see everyone’s designs for the same theme – so varied and creative it’s really amazing. So I think it’s been super and I look forward to another challenge in the future maybe?… Sorry if that’s been too gushy but it’s been the first nail art challenge I’ve participated in (other than personally set ones) and I’ve really, genuinely enjoyed it. Completing 24 out of 31 days wasn’t bad going!

OMD2 Holographic

OMD2 – Day 4 Bright…

So I stayed away from neons this time after my disastrous first attempt. I used two of my favourite polishes a passed limited edition 17 polish ‘Pink Grapefruit’ and a Barry M in ‘Guava’. I sponged the guava over the pink grapefruit and then randomly streaked nail foil glue over it to stick down some ‘holographic silver’ foil. my boyfriend didn’t think it was bright enough though! Booo!

OMD2 Bright

OMD2 – Day 15 Abstract…

So I was super struggling with Abstract. Anything I thought of then became too structured, therefore I went for some crazy foiling action. (Does it count!?) And as I’m going out this weekend black and foils seemed totally appropriate for party ware.

The first time I tried this ‘messy’ look, was when trying recreate the mashed up colourful look that ciate had a kit out for, but I didn’t have anything colourful so it ended up looking like this. But! I realised today whilst making my friends birthday card that I could totally use my craft foils, blew my mind. Now my nails look like this!

OMD2 Abstract
And seeing as I was going out, I couldn’t get away with only painting one hand – which I usually do and everyone thinks I’m really weird for, I just can’t control anything with my right hand.  So I photographed both, but as I’ve never actually compared my hands, I mean I’ve looked at them yes but never actually compared them in front of me on a screen – they look seriously weird. It was freaking me out a bit. Looks at my squinty fingers and strange shaped nails, and my left hand just could not pose properly! (Apart from in the pose shown.) Anyone else had this problem?..

Left and Right hand foiled

OMD2 – Day 3 Lavender…

So I’ve never participated in a thing like this before, but it seems pretty cool! I’ve ‘missed’ two days already but that’s alright because it’s flexible, meaning I can jump in/jump out and even go back in time or zoom ahead if I’m not in the mood to paint in a specific colour. Excellent! I only own one ‘Lavender’ Polish, by Avon.  I unfortunately find it quite thin and I don’t think I really suit that shade either so I never wear it. But! I did have fun trying to think of something, so here I’ve used my foils and some caviar beads.

OMD2 Lavender

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