Autumn Roots…

So Essential Nails are holding another nail art competition. I’ve entered a lot of theirs, Valentines, Christmas, Halloween etc etc. This year I wondered what had happened to the expected Halloween theme, instead they have announced an ‘Autumn Theme’. I was a bit bummed because I’d already been doing Autumn designs and I was really happy with my Autumnal Shards but I’m not sure how they’d feel about a ‘recycled’ entry. (Would it technically be re-cycled though if I repainted it but with tweeks?…)

Anyway, I thought I’d try create some more designs seeing as I have until the 16th of November. This one will not be getting entered though, it looks a bit yucky to me, like worms or something. Also this is the pattern from the Magneton background, except it didn’t really work in these colours I’m afraid!

Autumn Roots Nail Art