Mushrooms Silhouettes…

So I actually took two days to do this nail art. I painted the mushroom silhouettes yesterday but they just didn’t look complete, something was missing as there was just too much empty space – less was not more in their case. Today I settled on painting some dots in hope that they looked like a swarm of fireflies but I suppose they could also be taken as fungus spores!

Autumn Mushroom Nail Art.png


Giveaway win!…

The lovely Harriet over at ‘Shiori’ (a wonderful blog about all things Japanese which I have found fun, interesting and educational!) was holding a Giveaway and guess what, I won! The prizes were pretty cute, but I found the pen the most hilarious. It has carrots, a mustached mushroom, and a rabbit wearing a scarf – whaaat… I couldn’t resists making nail art out of it. Here’s the results!

Random Nail Art Inspired by Japanese Pen
The saying is pretty funny to ‘I will be your friend and you will…’, gotta love stuff like that. And couldn’t believe a phone charm was in the prizes, I seriously collect them not for my phone but for my 3DS;

3DS Danglers