BornPrettyStore: BP-80 Stamping Plate…

So I already own several BornPrettyStore stamping plates, as well some stampers/scrapers by them too, but today I have BP-80 Stamping Plate* to review! The plate includes some very pretty images and arrived in a little card pocket which is super handy if you don’t have a stamping plate holder as it will help protect the plate when not in use. As expected it comes with the protective blue film that all stamping plates seem to arrive with – for those new to stamping, and I’m not being patronising here, remember this needs to be removed before use.

As you can see, the images are amazingly crisp and very well etched. I really couldn’t make my mind up as to what design I was going to feature, so I went a bit over-board. I used three different stamping techniques to create three different designs with four different images!

For the first, I used the reverse stamping technique with the larger bird and large lotus. I chose to use my clear stamper because you can see if you’ve missed parts or messed up the image by looking ‘through’ it. The image does look a little patchy, but I wasn’t too worried seeing as I was painting over it. I didn’t really take the time to properly break the plate in, as daft as it might sound I sometimes find stamping images pick up better after the 3rd or 4th time.

I managed to smudge some of the detail (eye and neck feathers) when I was filling the image in but I’m sure you get the idea. I also feel that my pink base was way too bright, I was aiming for subtle but instead it’s ended up as a bright pink punch in the face!

Secondly, I chose to do a multi-coloured scrape. The one where you blob on a few colours and then scrape over it a few times so the colours all mix up. I thought the cloud(?) image was perfect for this as it had a large enough engraved area for the colours to show. I think this kind of look would be great as a base, however maybe if I’d placed the image properly and covered my nail you could use it as a ‘full’ design. The polishes I used were not stamping polishes but this allowed for some layering, you can notice this more on my ring finger and in future I’d like to play about with that some more.

Last but not least I chose to use the doubling up technique;  you stamp the same image in two different colours almost on top of each other. This has only really become possible with the clear stampers, otherwise it could look a little messy. I chose red and black purely because those were the two stamping polishes I had and the daisy-esk image. Stamping polishes certainly make a difference and as does a well etched plate – I mean look how crisp those edges are! The third picture looks way more vibrant, but that’s due to there being a top coat applied, for some reason the stamping polishes apply a little matte.

I hope that’s provided plenty of inspiration to get you going. Let me know if you order this plate (or already have it) and what you’d do with it.

Currently (13.05.2016) BornPrettyStore have BP-80 and a bunch of other stamping plates half price.  If you add anything to your basket that happens to be full price, use my code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout to get 10% off those items. Are you still reading? You shouldn’t be, you should be shopping!



BornPrettyStore: Multicoloured Mixed Studs…

So next up for review are these mixed, multicoulour studs. Yeah I know, I previously said that studs were quite a boring thing to review but when I saw the amazing colours I knew immediately I wanted to sprinkle them all over my nails!

Born Pretty Studs

The little tub is fantastic – it contains 3 shapes and 11 colours which you just can’t get in a regular nail wheel. Yes you have to fish for them but I found tipping some out made the process of picking them up so much easier.

Colourful Studs

In the tub you get;
Circles – dark blue, light blue, light purple and dark purple.
Squares – dark pink, light pink, green, yellow/green.
Rounded rhombus – peach, orange, light green, yellow.

The backs are slightly concave, and they’re small enough to sit flat on even my most curved nails. With a top coat added they don’t stick out or catch on anything, thank goodness!

Underbelly of studs
Side View of studs
I think they’re going to be really useful for bright summer designs, and they even pop on just plain black. The one tub gives such a fantastic range of studs for such great value that I’d recommend them to anyone who has the patience to do the fishing out.

If you fancy trying them out, remember to use my code ‘AZYW10’ which will get you 10% off any full priced items at the BornPrettyStore checkout!


Watermarbled Foil…

So I love using my foils to create a mash-up of colours! I don’t think I could bored of doing it as you get a different looking outcome each time. I then water marbled over the top of them using the coloured polish and topcoat combo to give the transparent sections. (Blob of colour, blob of topcoat, blob of colour, blob of topcoat, and so on then swish it all about). Looks pretty cool huh? And if you can’t stand the gif there’s a normal pic down the bottom!

Marbled Foil GIF
Marbling over foils


My mum attempts nail foiling…

So I’ve not painted my mums nails in a while and was in a foiling mood. I panted her nails first, and then thought it would be fun to let her foil mines.(A funny) Mistake. She couldn’t remember where she’d put glue, she sort of crept up on the nail foil and surprised it by squishing it down hard onto my nails, she was putting the glue on too thick etc etc. Even though she’d just seen me do it, and I was trying to instruct her. So my mums attempt came out pretty hilariously bad, but I think she enjoyed giving it a go.

My own nails, done painted by my mum, notice the ‘interesting’ designs;

Mums Nail Foil Nail Art
And my mums nails painted by me. I didn’t really like the silver combination but;

Stiped Foil Nail Art

Laser light show…

It’s the first time I’ve cracked out my striping tape, and I love the effect! So much so I went on to paint my mums nails too.
I randomly splodged colours for my base, then tape, then the black. I quickly found out that applying it thinner worked better, too thick and it kinda dragged the edges up. Top coat to finish, because you could kind of see the layers.

And here are my mums nails. The multi-colour was a little too adventurous for her tastes, so a black and silver combo it had to be. Totally different look though, yes?