Net Lace…

So this is the first appearance of Models Own ‘Thunder and Lightening’. In the bottle it looks a lot darker, I was expecting it to be like a black holo but when I painted it on, as you can see, it was actually pretty transparent and almost brown? I decided I really couldn’t be bothered painting on a base coat and starting again, so I went for a sandwich mani. One coat of ‘Thunder and Lightening’, painted my netting, then another coat of ‘Thunder and Lightening’ to finish it off. It has a kind of lace look about it I think!

Lace Netting


Models Own ‘Snowflake’…

I was so excited to try this when I saw it in the shop! In the bottle the flakes look white with green/gold tint. But on a black base they’ve turned a coppery, green, gold and when outside – a blue gold. Lovely, but not what I was expecting.
I can’t wait to try it on other base colours.

(I’ve been having to use my mum as my guinea-pig lately, as I can’t wear nail polish at my job. Boooo!)