Lady Fingers…

So I bought these 3 in 1 water decals in June, (so not too long ago…) and decided to focus on the lady sheet as there’s also cat and dog sheets hence the ‘3 in 1’. I don’t know wether they had dried up or something but they didn’t adhere at all. Therefore I had to stick them to wet polish on a stamping head and create a decal of decals – a mega decal!



Speckled Leopard…

So I’ve not been well for the last week, and I’m still not well actually, therefore I’ve not been posting. However it’s getting a little ridiculous that I still don’t feel better so I’ve had to pull out a design from the archives. By archives I mean designs that I’ve maybe classed as ‘fails’. You may think there’s nothing really wrong with this one, but I’ve actually used these same colours in the same combo before, and that is what bugged me.

Colour Chrome Blue
For this design I used some BornPrettyStore Vinyls for this design and I only needed to use one stencil for all my nails – how good is that!

I never really include a photo like this, but thought it would be interesting to include this time round. Avon Ridge Filler is my go to base coat, and Seche Vite is my go to top coat. Anyone else use this combo?


Happy Birthday to… me!

So it’s my birthday. Yes it’s the 13th and yes it’s a Friday but don’t worry I can safely say nothing bad happened so don’t panic. We decided to go through to Glasgow (even though the weather was absolutely ganting) for some sushi, shopping and a film. I just had to paint some sushi on my nails; I’ve never actually painted a sushi design before which is rather unbelievable if you know how much I love sushi! I chose Sake Nigiri: a firm favourite, and Sake Avocado Maki: a safe favourite. (I do get more adventurous – I love a seabass nigiri, mackerel nigiri, fish roe, and forever on, but I chose those two mainly because they were the easiest to paint!)

We visited Yo!Sushi for a light lunch. I like Yo!Sushi but it is a little bit over priced and the sushi on offer is of normal variety – don’t get me wrong it’s still super tasty and fresh and I visit regularly but. I did the typical cheesy ‘I’ve got sushi on my nails and I’m eating sushi ahahahaha’ picture to which my boyfriend looked super unimpressed with, whoops! I’m honestly not one of those food photo sharers on Instagram.

I  managed to hit up my two favourite shops, Paperchase and Hotel Chocolate, but also the new Model’s Own BottleShop that’s opened in Buchanan Galleries. They’ve changed their offer of 5 for £20 for the better as you can now get 6 for £20 due to them running a 3 for 2 (polishes are £5 each so technically you get a better saving and you feel less inclined to buy more and can just stop at a tenner, instead of going all the way up to £20’s worth). I also just HAD to get it – yup a Nails Inc Paint Can. I just couldn’t resist it regardless of how much of a ‘fad’ it is or how expensive it is (£10 a tin), etc etc but it will be so much fun!

After shopping and the film (I’m a little embarrassed to say we went to see paranormal activity and I jumped a lot…) we went to Nanakusa. Without sounding like a right food snob, it was the proper Japanese Sushi restaurant of our trip. They do sell seabass, mackerel, urchin etc at this place and authentic Japanese cuisine (or atleast as authentic as you can probably get for being in Scotland). For the first time ever I tried Sake – I’ve always been too scared to try it in-case I a) don’t like it and b) end up absolutely off my face on it, so thought a cocktail was a safe bet. I had a ‘Yuzu Drop’ and it was delicious but not for those who dislike sweet drinks as it has a big dod of yuzu jam in it. I would have loved to have taken a photo, but yeah remember the disappointing boyfriend look and the earlier I’m not a food photo sharer quote…

You’re a star!

So after seeing the unfortunate ‘nail fail’ (she said this herself, just in case you think I’m throwing some shade) that Flight of Whimsy had with her nail vinyls from BornPrettyStore, I was seriously worried. Eva experienced seepage and disintegration, and as I’ve never used nail vinyls before, if they didn’t work for me how would I have known if it was my fault or theirs!

However, I think mines worked quite well? I mean my index finger was a flop, but that was down to me choosing the wrong glitter to start with duuhh…

The pack includes two designs (my choice was stars and leopard prints), but only 5 vinyls each. I thought this was a bit strange as the majority of us all have 10 fingers, but after sizing them up it became apparent I could half them. I understand that some people might have massive nails, in which case you’d maybe have to recycle or buy two packets? If you have smaller nails, I would wonder how much star pattern you could really fit on there as it’s kinda large, it’s maybe not the pattern for you unfortunately.

They applied well but I always make sure with anything sticky to actually un-sticky it a bit to prevent it from pulling up my base coat – I do this by applying it to somewhere on my skin first. I chose to use a sponge to apply my polishes, firstly gold and then a glitter, instead of an all over paint as sponging is less likely to result in seepage. The one issue I did have was the the vinyl wouldn’t sit flat, I have very curved nails, so I had to snip them a little bit which did end up distorting some of the star shapes.

I think over-all my adventure in to nail vinyl usage was a success. Maybe I had more luck because my pattern wasn’t as intricate as a checkerboard and therefore peeling it off my nail was less of a hassle. I think next time I’m going to try out the leopard print, and I’ll hopefully chose a better colour combination. If you’d like to try them out for yourself, remember to use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off all full priced items in your order.