MiniManiMonth Acid Wash….

So this is the first time I have used the ‘acid wash’ technique. I used ‘Iced Frappe’ for the base (two coats), then ‘Candy Floss’ (two coats) and then ‘Pillow Fight’ (two coats). I enjoyed doing this technique, but there were a few factors that could have enhanced my experience;
1) More patience – I didn’t wait until each coat was dry, therefore by the 6th coat when I dabbed on my acetone soaked cotton bud it dragged rather than removed in some places. This also could have meant I wasn’t dabbing gently enough.
2) It could look more effective with other colours, but as I’ve said I’m getting through all my ‘yet to try’ minis from the Ciate calendar.

I’d totally love to try this technique again though!

Acid Wash Nail Art

MiniManiMonth Starlet…

So I don’t usually use nail stickers, I used to love them but got really put off by the fact they can curl when you apply a top coat. However when I saw that this Ciate colour was called ‘Starlet’ I couldn’t resist paring it with some stars. ‘Starlet’ is a two-tone shimmer polish – a blue-purple with sometimes green. It took three coats for full opacity which isn’t too bad. The top coat didn’t curl these stars but it does look as if they could have done with two coats to seal them in smoothly.

Ciate Starlet

MiniManiMonth Members Only…

So you know one of those designs that your brain just seems to automatically do when you’re not thinking about it. Well this is one of those designs. When I was done sticking the tape down, and took a look at my fingers I was like ‘Oh no, not this again’. Honestly it’s almost exactly the same as this design from last year. Shockingly uninspired.

Ciate Members Only

MiniManiMonth Water Marble…

So yup, still trying to get through all the polishes I got in my two Ciate Advent Calendars. I really liked both colours and would definitely wear/use them again. The purple is called ‘Talent Scout’ and it did apply a little thickly but smoothed out fine when I applied my top coat. (Usually I’m complaining about how thin the Ciate polishes are ha!) The coral, which appears a lot more pink rather than orange in reality, is called ‘Play Date’ and it applied really well – only one coat! My water marble wasn’t too hot, I had to do some patch jobs in places where I ended up with bubbles but I think I got away with it?.. I then applied a top coat and some studs because it was looking a little bland.

Ciate Water Marble

MiniManiMonth Chinchilla with Twinkle Toes…

So ‘Chinchilla’ is a really nice grey, blue. However, I can’t tell if it makes my hands look older. (If a polish can do such a thing, I have been a little lax on my moisturizing lately so it could be that too…) ‘Twinkle Toes’ is a loose silver glitter, which of course created a terrible mess, and didn’t photograph well. That’s not to say it’s disappointing, as it’s lovely and sparkly in reality just too messy for regular wearing. My striping tape has also arrived so expect plenty more straight line designs!

Chinchilla Twinkle Toes

MiniManiMonth 4 colour camo…

So I managed to scored off 4 polishes with this design, leaving 19 more bottles from the calendars to try out! The base colour is ‘Loop the Loop’, the sort of duck egg green is called ‘Apple and Custard’, the dark green is called ‘Tweed and Tails’ and the only one left is called ‘Hidden Gem’. I used my new Seche Vite (how do you pronounce that by the way?) and it’s great. At first it made the nails look fuzzy, not smudged but just odd – but then it kinda cleared up and it dried pretty quickly and with a nice gloss. Yet another great bargain from TKMaxx!

Ciate Camo

MiniManiMonth ‘Pepperminty’ ‘Kiss Chase’…

So this design again isn’t related to Christmas other than the bows, but even then.  I feel that a lot of the colours from the calender have been suited to spring/summer pallets than relating autumn/winter moods and I wonder if they’ve missed a trick.

Anyway the base is called ‘Pepperminty’, this did not apply well at all. It seemed to apply so thin and dry too quickly meaning you ended up dragging away what you’d already put down, but I persevered and three coats finally did it but even then it was still patchy. The glitter top coat is called ‘Party Shoes’ it’s an interesting combo of gold glitter and greeny, blue iridescent particles – very delicate, I’m wearing two coats. The bows are ‘Kiss Chase’, a pink shade which I actually really like and I think it goes together well with ‘Pepperminty’. Then I matted the whole lot because I thought it would look good!

Pepperminty Bows

MiniManiMonth ‘Snow Globe’…

So for Day 1 of the Advent I opened up ‘Snow Globe’, it’s a flakey/flaky/flakie polish. Generally I’m not too keen on them, mainly because I don’t know how to make them look good. I’ve seen them layered on black which seems to bring out their colours so that’s what I went for. I was impressed by the application, that’s only two coats and look how packed it is. I was also impressed by the drying time, usually these things take eons to dry. However, I found that the ‘flakes’ were sometimes too big meaning they stuck up from the nail and made it kind of rough. It does look pretty though huh?

Ciate Snow Globe

Mini Mani Month…

So you know the saying, you wait for a bus for ages and then two come along at once. Well I’ve had the exact same thing but with the Ciate Nail Polish Calendars! Once I saw that nail polish advent calendars were a thing I’ve wanted one for a few years but it never happened. This year I received two for my birthday! How weird is that, I must be easy to buy for or maybe I was dropping hints that much ha! Fortunately they are both differently, unfortunately 10 of the polishes are the same. I’ll keep the polishes I’ve used for my nail art, and do something with the unused duplicates, keep your eyes peeled. I was so excited to open the first window today, I received ‘Snow Globe’ from both, stay tuned to see what I do with it!

Ciate Mini Mani Month