Marine Theme: Clown Triggerfish…

To continue with my marine theme, I wanted to copy the Clown Trigger Fish. I think they’re funny looking and have a lovely pattern. Would you beleive it though! Another blogger has already done a triggerfish design. Fortunately, our designs look different and I’m quite happy about how mine turned out. Again, I feel it’s totally wearable with the right outfit. What do yous think?
(One of my cheeky wee black widows getting in the picture!)
I also felt the design looked good after painting one nail with the whole pattern. Upon comparison, in my opinion, one trigger fish accent nail made the design stand out more but maybe looks too random?


Marine Theme: Juvenile Emperor AngelFish

For this, I copied the pattern of the Juvenile Emperor Angelfish. Why so specific about the juvenile part? Because they actually change to look completely different as adults. (I think they look nicer when they’re younger!)
Doing this sort of ‘theme’ thing, I’ve actually been surprised about how wearable some of the designs have been. What do yous think?

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish

Marine Theme: Clownfish…

So, I thought I’d try something new. Maybe kind of ‘theme’ months, where I’d do some nail designs relating to a specific thing. I have a few ideas drawn up but thought I’d start off with Marine Fish. Fitting, because I work in Aquatics and I’m an avid fishkeeper (although no marine tanks.. yet…).

First one, pretty obvious! An Ocellaris Clownfish.
I matted my polishes as it was all just too shiny!