A Mermaids Life…

So I can only now reveal what I’ve had up my sleeve for a few months – ‘A Mermaids Life’ giftbox set by WonderfulWolf. I made it as a Christmas gift for my boyfriends sister, hence why I had to keep it quite for a while as I didn’t want the surprise to be ruined.

Mermaids Treasure
I bought my polish making supplies from Connii at Cosmic Glows. She was super helpful at advising me what I needed and recommending products to use as I did feel a bit like a ‘deer caught in the headlights’. There are so many pretty glitters and tints in the shop that my mind went wild, but after a few days of looking through them, I decided to go for a blue/teal theme. That seems to be my default colour unfortunately.

So after a little bit of mixing and pottering about (glitter was everywhere for a while, don’t get me wrong Connii packages them up really well – it’s more to do with me being careless), I managed to come up with three polishes that look and work like a trio. The idea is that they can be layered, or worn individually – there is a jelly, a mica creme and a glitter topper.

A Mermaids Dream
A Mermaids Tale
A Mermaids Tears
For a while they were nameless, then I visited a shop in Edinburgh and found some beautiful shell purses which is when the idea struck me – they were going to be about a mermaid! When I came home and looked at them a little more, I thought the title for the trio should be ‘A Mermaids Life’ – her dreams, tales and tears, as well as her treasures which is where the little shell purse came in! I filled it with little ocean charms (from BornPrettyStore) to wear with the polishes. I think it’s so cute and feel that it all works so well together don’t you think?

Now that I had the polishes named and the treasures secured it was time to put the set together. I used a little gift-box that are also in the Cosmic Glows shop for holding the polishes. Up until now it totally hadn’t crossed my mind how I was going to label the bottles, and my end result is not the greatest (by this I really mean it ended up looking rather amateurish). I went for a pretty standard look – my logo on the front and the name of the polish on the bottom. Then I wrote a little piece for the back of the box explaining the nice bits; handmade, 5 free, cruelty free and vegan! I just wish my handwriting was neater or that I had the time to print the labels out…


I’d love to make this set again to firstly improve the package design and secondly to actually have a play with the polishes myself! I was only allowed to play about with the test mixes that I created on some tinfoil, so to have a go with the whole set would be really cool. Anyone else dabbled in polish making?