Spooky attraction…

So it’s been a while since I’ve used a magnetic polish and I actually forgot how pretty they could be! This one is actually an Avon polish called ‘Hypnotic Bronze’,  they call their magnetic/cats eye polish ‘Colour Attract’ just in case you go googling it.

The crooked house, trees and bats are all off the same stamping plate from BornPrettyStore which I recently reviewed.

haunted house nail art2


BornPrettyStore: Metal Wheel Design Stickers

So I’ve been just super busy with general life, and it’s unfortunately meant that I’ve been neglecting my product reviews a little. Fear not though, as today I had time to try out these ‘Metal Wheel Design Stickers‘ in option 2240 sent to me by BornPrettyStore.

The stickers come on a clear backing which takes the guess work out of sizing them for your nails. There’s also plenty of them in various designs and sizes, (don’t you just hate it when there’s just one of something?) some of which are super cute – I mean look at the tiny cogs!


The stickers are strong, they handled perfectly well either picked up by fingers or with tweezers. Fortunately they’re not thick meaning they hug the nail nicely with no poking out or curling up, this is also helped by the strength of the stickers adhesive.

As some of the cogs are quite large, I wanted to test out how well they would cut. They cut like butter, no weird edges or anything, and still stick just as well after the trauma.


For my first design I chose to do a dry brush background to give an industrial feel, but kept it in quite light in tones to show up the stickers. It really helps to show how shiny the metallic effect is. Super pretty and a bit of a distraction if you’re driving!


For my second design I went with a magnetic polish in gunmetal silver for the base and just had to add the little clock parts I have. They’re are also from BPS, which I personally purchased (find them here) and are handy for crafting not just nail art.


3D Cog Nails2.jpg

I mean you can’t get a better combo than cog stickers with actualy 3D cogs! It tickled me. Obviously not that practical, unless you did them in acrylics, so here’s the stickers without the cogs. I had to scrape off the polish I’d used to attach the parts which is why there is some damage, but impressively it’s only minimal and still perfectly wearable.


So which design did you prefer – blue and industrial or the 3D magnetic one? If you decide to purchase anything from BornPrettyStore, use my code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout for 10% off all full priced items in your basket. And remember – free delivery, wooo!


Alternative Holly…

So I’ve decided to shun the usual festive colours for this design. I thought black holly on a red/pink magnetic polish base would be an interesting twist, and a bit of a relief to the sometimes sickly traditional colours of Christmas. How do you think it turned out?


Magnetic Attraction…

So it’s been at least a year since I’ve used any magnetic polish. When they first came out I ended up collecting quite a few shades and they were really cool to play with to start, but they  soon became another ‘forgotten’ bottle. Until now! The magnetic polish trend has come round full circle again, with cool new possibilities. Like this magnetic pen which allows the control of the pattern rather than going with the predetermined magnetic sticks (usually wiggles or lines).  I wasn’t too adventurous this time round as I was more curious as to whether it would actually work or not. I’d been told that the stronger the magnet the better the effect, and from just looking at the size of this one when it arrived I didn’t expect much. But I now know size isn’t all that matters, as it seemed to work just fine – I mean, come on the little thing can hold up 4 paper clips! It’s just a shame it’s so ugly….

I love how the polish shifts in colour! I can’t wait to try this little pen out again on some of my other colours. I bought this one when it was on sale, but now that it’s back to full price you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off it and all other full priced items in your order from BornPrettyStore.


Rocker Skull n’ Bones…

I’ve went all bad ass!

Easy Peasy – Here I’ve combined a magnetic polish with Andrea Fulerton Nail Stickers (Even more  bad ass – she’s calling them ‘Nail Tattoos’). I actually use her stuff quite a lot, they’re sticky stickers and don’t curl up when you apply a top coat.

Rocker Skull Nail Art