So… I’m in Japan! Or at least I should be. I scheduled this post before I left, as well as the next few weeks worth. I have no idea if I’ll have proper access to the internet over there but let’s face it, checking my wordpress is hardly going to be a top priority. No offence intended it’s just that my priorities look more like this; eat sushi, drink sparkling sake, shop at the pokemon centres.

I’ve tried to make each nail reflect the area I’ll be visiting; grey and silver for the buildings of  Tokyo, mountain ombre for our traditional Ryokan stay at Mount Fuji, red and brown to convey the traditional buildings of Kyoto and a blue ombre to reflect Osaka being a port city.

Japan Trip Nail Art.

OMD3 – Day 2 Peach…

So I only own one peach shade and that is ‘Peach Melba’ by Barry M. I was originally going to paint little peaches on the stripes but thought it would be quite funny to just write ‘Peach’. I managed to make the letters around the same size by placing nail tape on a stamper and painting the letters backwards in between, I then transferred them to my nails meaning they were the right way round.

OMD3 Day 2 Peach

Lettering Continuity