BornPrettyStore: Fuzzy Flocking Powder..

So today I’m reviewing a pot of ‘Fuzzy Flocking Powder‘ sent to me by BornPrettyStore. It comes in a little screw-cap tub within a plastic pocket which helps keep all the fibers that might escape away from everything else.


When I saw the colour of the powder, which is option #4, I immediately knew what it was destined for – anyone else see that colour as bear?

I firstly outline the desired shape in brown polish, but it wasn’t enough for this bear to be fuzzy, he had to have dimension too! So I painted up a few layers of UV cured gel to create a 3D head shape.


Once I was happy with it, I painted a thin layer of UV polish over the shape and tipped the flocking powder over it. I tapped off the excess and then stuck it back under my UV light. Once it was fully cured I used a soft nail brush to dust off any loose flock: by using UV cured gel rather than polish I believe it help the flock stay stuck. (Top tip – do the flocking part over a piece of paper, that way you can tip the extra flock back in to the tub with ease, without it being all over your work area too!)


He’s still not finished though, he was missing his eyes and nose of course. Again I used cured UV gel to give them dimension and ta-da!


Didn’t he turn out cute and super fuzzy! (I unfortunately see him as part squirrel or something though…)


As you can see, the flocking powder has done a really good job at covering the whole area and retaining it’s own colour – you’d bearly (haha) know that there was such a dark brown underneath.


If you’re not keen on using the flocking powder in such an extravagant (ridiculous) way and are looking for a quick and easy design, then I suggest you try the fuzzy leopard look! I used normal polish for this and even though the coverage isn’t as good, the fuzz is definitely noticeable.


Have you tried flocking powder before, if so what do you think of it? Do you prefer the bear or the leopard print design? If you place an order with BornPrettyStore, use the code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout to receive 10% off all full priced items in your basket! Yaaay!




Multi-Foil Leopard…

So this looks waaay better in reality. The camera just did not pick up how shiny and cool this turned out. It was one of those dangerous designs, serving as a distraction at work and whilst driving. I used 4 different colours of metallic nail foils and then used leopard print nail vinyls from BPS.

Multi-foil Leopard

Essential Nails Design 5 & 6…

So today, I practiced two more designs on my Essential nails course.

Design 5 is ‘Animal Print Zebra’ and I had mega problems with controlling the brush. It’s so thin and long that it was bending everywhere and like slipping off the nail at strange angles. And I managed to smudge the paint with my topcoat, argh. I felt really silly as I’ve done plenty of tiger/zebra print in my time, I’m going to put it down to my head not being in the game. I felt that the bottom right hand nail was not bad, the lines are pretty even, the paint is consistent however the lines are still a little wobbly. More practice needed!

Design5 Animal Print Zebra
Design 6 is ‘Animal Print Leopard’ and this was a strange one; The pictures in the tutorial are a little inconsistent, and the marking guidelines are a little vague. Even though the design on each nail is ‘random’ they look relatively consistent, I think this may be a design that I’ll have to ask my tutor about.

Design6 Animal Print Leopard

Safari Stamping…

So the photo on the left was actually in my ‘nail fail folder’. When I created it originally I didn’t have a proper stamping polish which is why the black is so washed out but I didn’t delete it outright because I saw potential in it’s over-all design.

However a few months back I ordered a bottle of Konad Stamping Polish from BornPrettyStore, and boy what a difference it made! It’s bold and punchy now so I’m finally happy to reveal it to the world. The animal print foil (review here), and the stamping plate (review here) are from BPS too. I have seriously used that plate a millionbilliongazillion times and would highly recommend if you’re going to get anything from BPS – get that!


Lucky Bag #1…

So having previously purchased a BornPrettyStore ‘lucky bag‘ before and was happy with the items, I decided to order some more. They’re so cheap ($0.99) that there’s not much to lose, I mean out of three items you’re bound to get something usable right? This is one of the two lucky bags I received and I really couldn’t believe my luck – a set of leopard head water decals, leopard print water decals and some cute bows. The bows aren’t very practical for me but the others are!

BPS Lucky Bag (Leopard)
Seeing as the whole bag seemed to compliment each other so well I decided it would be fun to include all the items in one design. I’d like to do the same with  my other lucky bag, but I don’t know if it’ll turn out quite so well…. Stay tuned.

Leopard Nail Art LuckyBag

Speckled Leopard…

So I’ve not been well for the last week, and I’m still not well actually, therefore I’ve not been posting. However it’s getting a little ridiculous that I still don’t feel better so I’ve had to pull out a design from the archives. By archives I mean designs that I’ve maybe classed as ‘fails’. You may think there’s nothing really wrong with this one, but I’ve actually used these same colours in the same combo before, and that is what bugged me.

Colour Chrome Blue
For this design I used some BornPrettyStore Vinyls for this design and I only needed to use one stencil for all my nails – how good is that!

I never really include a photo like this, but thought it would be interesting to include this time round. Avon Ridge Filler is my go to base coat, and Seche Vite is my go to top coat. Anyone else use this combo?


Glitter Puss…

So it’s Autumn. There’s no denying it or avoiding it as our house faces a woods and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn. With this realization I felt it was time to get some browns out, so I did it with a brown glitter ombre topped haphazardly with leopard print nail foil* (A11) from BornPrettyStore – which is currently on sale at the moment, 14th September, at only $0.99!


ModelsOwn: Eyeshadow Leopard…

So this is probably my last entry in to the ModelsOwn competition as it closes in a few days. This time round (which is the 5th time) I took inspiration from the models eye-shadow and combined it the little toy leopard in her sash – the outcome being a ‘quirky’ take on leopard print, even if I didn’t have the correct colour palette…


A Leopard can change its spots…

So I’ve still just been busy lately, I can’t seem to find time to paint my nails and if I maybe do have a ‘spare’ hour I just don’t feel up to painting my nails. Some weeks I can’t stop painting my nails but just now, I’m not fussed – everyone gets peaks and troughs though ae…

This is totally cheating as I took the nail art I did for the nail art swap, and painted over one half and added some tape. Wow…. But it actually changes the look of the design quite dramatically! So I’ve gotten away with it right?

Bright Leopard Spots
Bright Leopard Spots

Nail Art Swap Feat. Unghiesmaltate98…

So I recently took part in my first ever ‘nail art swap’ and it was great fun. A lovely Italian blogger named Beatrice from ‘Unghiesmaltate98’, dropped me an email suggesting we collaborate and I basically bit her hand off – it was such a great compliment that someone would want me to re-create their nail art and vice versa.

(P.S through-out our correspondence Beatrice was teaching me some words in Italian, I managed to kind of work out that ‘Unghie Smaltate’ sort of means ‘painted nails’, how cool is that!)

At first I was super nervous, I spent days looking through her blog searching for the right nail art to ‘copy’. (She was very patient as I also disappeared away on holiday for a week) After getting to know Beatrice and her nail art a little more, I realized that her signature style was definitely Leopard Print. When I saw the following post on her blog I knew this was the design I was going to paint. I thought the way she had reversed the colours of the base and spots just looked so cool. I also admire how delicate she can make her hand look when photographing it, I always think mines looks awkward.

Beatrice says she chose the bow design of mine as she liked the colours and the gold glitter, she also thought it was ‘tereni’ (meaning cute!). I think she did a wonderful job, I can’t believe how close in similarity they are! We are publishing our posts at the same time so I can’t link to her post yet, but bare with me!

Nail Art Swap