Rudolph’s Nose…

So in case anyone isn’t aware – it’s almost Christmas, yaaaaay! Tonight is my last night of work for two whole weeks and I cannot explain how good that feels, as I’m really needing a break. I decided to paint Rudolph on my nails but he has a secret…

At first he looks like a normal red nosed reindeer. (If there is such a thing)

But start to hold your phone to text or browse, and his red nose really does glow!

This is thanks to a NFC (near field communication) chip that’s embedded in a nail sticker. It’s wonderful, I’m always amazed that such technology can actually fit on my nail and works. I purchased mine from BornPrettyStore, and I’ve used them before in different colours. (Last year I used one atop a christmas tree)

Here’s a short video to help display the way the led flashes. It’s certainly bright and strong enough to see during the day too, but in the dark it gives off an amazing flash!

Have you ever worn any technology on your nails before?


Happy New Year! (Almost)…

So to state the obvious – it’s almost a new year! To celebrate I’ll be playing some sort of video game maybe Jurassic Park Lego, Harvest Moon or maybe even Watchdogs. We’re usually a little more retro and go for a board-game, Risk or Monopoly, but neither of us feel up for it this year. I’ll of-course be having some rum for refreshment too!

Fireworks were an obvious choice for new years nail art. I’ve seen a lot of them on Instagram, but guess what b*tches – mines actually light up the night sky!

I’ve yet again used a wonderful LED Nail Chip from BornPrettyStore. I honestly urge you to get some as they’re so cool to use. Right now (31.12.2015) they’re on sale at $2.25 so why not just get one to try it out, remember it’s free shipping! If you order anything full price, use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off. I also used some silver glitter, a holo topper, and nail foils to create this super busy fireworks display.



Christmas Tree Star…

So I previously had great fun using the NFC LED Nail Stickers that I bought from BornPrettyStore (one became a Satellite and the other became a diamond). So much so, I reordered again and they arrived in time for a Christmas design! But wait a minute that doesn’t look that exciting….

Light Up ChristmasTree
Until now that I’m holding my phone and whoa – the star on top of the Christmas tree lights up and the whole nail art has been transformed. Look at that thing twinkle! Huh, it’s not twinkling and you’re not content with just a blurry photo? Keep on going to see a video…

Lit Up Tree

Here comes the ugly behind the scenes bit. I like to include it as I find it quite a transformation from a big, ugly, brown chip to totally acceptable in public nail art. Start off by applying the LED chip to bare nails (base coated of course). Then paint around the LED, which is the little rectangular part of it, with the base colour and the rest of your design and you’re bascially done! Just remember to top coat LOADS. I had to paint a white base for my tree as it wouldn’t have shown up well against the red but this step could be omitted depending on your design.

NFC LED Applied
Covered Up Sticker
Light Up ChristmasTree

OMD3 – Day 20 Jewels…

So I loved this design! It’s so not me, but I enjoyed it so much.

I used a BornPrettyStore NFC White LED chip, meaning the bling blinged when my hand was holding my phone, neat huh! I’ve used a blue LED before here. If you order from BornPrettyStore, use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off full priced items at the check-out.

OMD3 Day20 Jewels
Bare LED Chip
WhiteLED OnOff


So this is the ‘exciting thing’ that I mentioned in an earlier post. It’s a blinking LED, NFC (near field communication) nail sticker – meaning that when it’s near your phone (and your phone is on) your nail will blink! MIND BLOWN! I bought two different coloured ones from Born Pretty Store here for around £2.50 each, which I thought pretty good and if you use the code AZYW10 you’ll get 10% off too.

The first one, a white LED, I applied it to my ring finger nails but the actual ‘chip’ ended up peeling away from the backing – this was due to my nail being too curved, so be warned. I didn’t discard the chip as I’m going to see if I can maybe attach it to my nails with nail glue.

Do not wear them on overly curved nails or else this could be your result too...
Do not wear them on overly curved nails or else this could be your result too…


The next one, a blue LED, I applied to my middle finger which is much flatter. It applied fine, I should have really used common sense… Hindsight argh. It was easy to paint around and as you can see it of course makes your nail thicker looking but it’s not obviously so.

NFC LED Nail Sticker
NFC LED Nail Sticker
Side View of NFC Nail Sticker.
Side View of NFC Nail Sticker.

It’s so bright too! I took videos of it blinking in the light and in the dark just for comparison, it looks so cool in the dark. It stayed on my nail for around 2 days before it started to peel up at the sides of my nail. Again I have saved the chip in hope it can be ‘reused’.