Holo Jungle…

So this is another unused product that I purchased in October – some loose holo glitter. It’s quite a fine glitter and applied really nicely, it also isn’t too ‘thirsty’ as it only needed two coats to stay smooth. (Some loose glitters drink up top coat almost endlessly.)

Loose Holo Glitter BPS.png

I then applied some leaves which are actually water decals, I really like how the combo looks! I managed to melt one of the leaves however as I forgot to dry it off properly – whoops!

Holo Glitter Jungle Nail Art.png


Lizard and Leaves…

So these gecko charms were back from May ’15 and even though they were sent to me to review from BPS, I don’t think I’ve used them since. I suppose the problem is that firstly with them being charms they’re technically re-usable so out of the 5 original charms, I still have 5. The only way to ‘use them up’ would be to either lose them if they fell off your nail or use them on non-nail crafts. And secondly, they’re not the most practical of things – I mean that tail and those four legs could result in some serious catching *shudders*.

However now that I have some UV gel polish, I felt more confident that I could get the lizard to stay put more effectively than with just Seche Vite. That turned out to be correct, as I managed to get through a shift at work! (Before picking it off that night because I became too curious in regards to how well it was stuck down…)


Falling Leaf…

So I’ve been really embracing Autumn this week. I feel summer delivered good weather and good times, and therefore I’m happy to get on with the seasons to come. Sometimes, especially in Scotland, we’re a little cheated by the summer weather due to it’s unpredictability but not this year.

I find Autumn very beautiful. Most of my flowers are dying off, but I’ve looked at them for months so now it’s nice to see the Cyclamen peeping out with their wonderful shades of pinks and purples. Even though the leaves on the trees are actually dying, their death attire is gorgeous. And I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful view of the edge of a forest from my room window so I can’t help but appreciate the beauty of it.

Anyway, can we put that ramble down to a ‘the weekend is here’ drink, here’s some nail art.


BornPrettyStore: Holographic Leaves Foil…

So I keep wanting to say ‘Holographic leaf’ foil, but that’s not the way it is and it’s bugged me this whole time, I needed to get that off my chest before we started. And breathe… So pretty!

I received this ‘Holographic Leaves Foil‘* from BornPrettyStore to review. I’ve previously used their leopard print foil herehere and here, so as you can probably tell I really like how that foil performs. This time round I chose a holographic pattern to see how well it would apply. Any guesses? It applied so well, how good does it look!

Now to rewind a little. The foil itself comes in a handy little tub, meaning no folding or potential scratching off of the design. There’s about a meter in there which is pretty good going. The only ‘problem’ I could pick at is the fact the pattern is quite large, meaning I had to chose individual leaves for each nail. Once I sized it up I cut around the leaves I wanted so as not to waste foil or end up with accidental stickage.

To make the foils stick I applied my nail foil glue, not included with the foil but you can pick it up at BPS too, and waited until I could no longer see it (it applies white, and once clear it means the glue is tacky enough for the foils to stick). I then applied the foil on top, making sure it was the correct side down so the pattern would actually transfer. Usually I have a hoof stick that I rub over the nail but the foil was so amazing the backing paper actually lifted off without much pressure at all – I was actually able to rub it gently with my finger! You can see in picture below the clear ‘break’ lines of the stuck foil and the foil still on the backing.

Once applied, it is vital to top coat the foil. Your nail is still kind of tacky afterwards, and unless top coated you WILL end up with fluffy nails, trust me… This was the part that made me nervous though. I know with my other metallic foils (Rio) that SecheVite can alter their appearance, as in sometimes change them to a whole different colour. The top photo shows the foils freshly applied, the one underneath shows it top coated. To me there is a comparable difference, the top coated leaf looks more silver, it’s kind of lost it’s ‘holographicness’, and is a little streaky but I actually think it looks more punchy!

I decided to use some Barry M polishes, ‘Raspberry’ and ‘Watermelon’ to create an Autumnal vibe. (LOL look at me ‘swatching’. So much to learn, like making my bottles fingerprint free…)

Barry M Rasberry
Barry M Watermelon
I applied my selected individual leaves to each nail, and it think it looks great! Just perfect for Autumn. Maybe not the jaundiced looking hand that follows though…

Because I am myself, I couldn’t just leave (AH HA) them at that. I felt like I wanted to create a sandwich (non-edible), so coated the leaves with their respective base colour. I couldn’t beLEAVE it actually worked, yes very subtle, but it worked!

It looks the most effective on my thumb. You can see the layers really clearly and look, some ‘holographicness’ even with top coat! Maybe it depends on the angle of the light. So what do you think of the leafy sandwich, did I just totally waste the whole thing?…

To recap, the ‘Holographic Leaves Foil‘ are a little large in pattern but look pretty, apply beautifully, top coat successfully (even if they do turn more silver with SecheVite, I don’t think it wastes them), are versatile and you should totally just go buy them as they’re perfect for Autumn! If you use my code ‘AZYW10’ you’ll get 10% off all full priced items in your order, you’ll also earn points that you can eventually use towards future purchases and it’s free shipping, yaaay!


OMD3 – Day 11 Leaves…

So I used the reversed stamping technique for these, but if I’m being honest I just wasn’t in the mood. Therefore I wasn’t being patient or caring enough leading to some mangled leaves. I also didn’t pay attention to my positioning resulting in a lot of the leaves facing the same way. I’m sorry, as it did have the potential to be pretty but instead just looks like a limp salad.

OMD3 Day11 Leaves

Caterpillar Army…

So did you know that a group of Caterpillars is called an ‘Army’? I didn’t actually and googled it out of curiosity, although I don’t think a pair quite counts. I think these guys are super cute – its the googly eyes I think, and I know it’s never cool to go on about how much you like your own work, but I really like how these turned out!


Caterpillar Nail Art with Googly eyes
Caterpillar Nail Art with Googly eyes

P.S I am actually on holiday right now so I apologize for any delayed replies!

Cocktail Theme: Mojito…

So it’s been a while since I finished my Marine Theme nails so I thought it best to start another. This time cocktails! I love cocktails, they’re so tasty and pleasant to drink. One of my personal favourites is a Mojito which is easy to make and easy to drink. The main ingredients being white rum, sugar, limes and mint leaves. I tried to paint some ‘mint leaves’ lighter/darker than others to give it a depth like the real thing, but that hasn’t come up well on the photo.

Mojito Nail Art