Goldfish Pond…

So I wasn’t in the mood for painting anything free-hand today so I cracked out my stamping folder and chose a pond themed plate by hehe. I have a few ‘ponds’ in my garden, just little container ones with plants only but they still attract plenty of wildlife! Last year I actually had a Dragonfly visit, I have no idea where it came from originally because there’s not any large bodies of water nearby.

To create this look I first of all stamped a water movement image in lighter blue on to my base colour, and it is pretty subtle so don’t worry if you didn’t spot it. I then tried to turn the fish into calico koi by splodging together orange, white and black polishes before scraping the excess off the image. The design was still looking a little plain so I then painted some water lilly pads and viola!


Don’t be so Koi…

So these fish look a little bit inbred or something. They just look wrong, it is their eye positions or maybe their body shapes? Probably a bad combination of both. An absolute mess, but I must say I did start to find them kinda cute after having them on for a while! I painted koi nail art a year ago (before I bothered to clean up my nails a bit before photographing…) and to be honest I don’t think I’ve gotten any better!

Koi Nail Art

Something fishy…

I’ve seen the Koi Carp nail art online before, and with me loving fish thought I’d give them a go. The picture is so bad though! It’s way too close, so a bit out of focus and the glitter I put on the bubbles and fish is non-existent. Honestly, they do look so much better in person!

My mum thought they were great, and with her liking frogs I thought I’d give it a slight twist for her! (Again sorry about the bad photos..)