Takoyaki Octopus…

So this design was 100% inspired by the whole day I spent in Osaka, mainly Dotonburi, eating nothing but Takoyaki. (I am not even exaggerating, I literally only had Takoyaki and vending machine juice that day, well actually I also had an ice-cream filled melon bread but I don’t think that quite counted towards my 5-a-day.) A lot of the vendors had these super cute octopus mascots on their stalls to instill some guilt in you as you chowed down on their delicious bretheren.

Takoyaki Octopus Nails


Daruma Doll…

So (to my understanding anway, there’s probably way more to it) a Daruma Doll is used to remind you to complete specific wishes or goals. You colour in one of it’s eyes when you set a goal and then you colour in it’s other eye when you’ve completed it! Pretty cool huh? I didn’t want to paint in this dolls other eye however as once they’re complete I think you have to burn them later in the year at a festival – eek!

Daruma Nail Art


So… I’m in Japan! Or at least I should be. I scheduled this post before I left, as well as the next few weeks worth. I have no idea if I’ll have proper access to the internet over there but let’s face it, checking my wordpress is hardly going to be a top priority. No offence intended it’s just that my priorities look more like this; eat sushi, drink sparkling sake, shop at the pokemon centres.

I’ve tried to make each nail reflect the area I’ll be visiting; grey and silver for the buildings of  Tokyo, mountain ombre for our traditional Ryokan stay at Mount Fuji, red and brown to convey the traditional buildings of Kyoto and a blue ombre to reflect Osaka being a port city.

Japan Trip Nail Art.


So admittedly I had to google ‘japanese fish flag’ to find out what the proper name for these cute little wind socks were. Turns out, they’re not just decorative and actually help to celebrate ‘Childrens Day’ in Japan. Koinobori are displayed from April to early May, (appropriate timing for this nail design then) and each fish represents a different family member; the black and biggest is the father, the red is the mother and then the smaller fish traditionally starting with blue, then green, represent the children! Why carp? Well apparently carp symoblise strength and courage due to their ability to swim up streams and it is hoped that by flying these carp the children will grow up to be strong and healthy too. How interesting is that (Big thanks to wikipedia)!

It’s not my neatest stamping work, I was under a bit of time pressure so had to hash them out which was a shame as they deserved better. But they still look kinda cute! The largest koinobori image is from the Nee Jolie ‘Japan style’ plate that I’ve been addicted to lately, (sushi and blossom anyone?) whilst the smaller carp are from a Harunouta L002 plate  which I’ve reviewed previously.


Something fishy…

So these are actually not my own nails or work! *Gasp* For the first time ever, I’ve tried out false nails. *Gasp again* I’ve admired the work of Aya1gou for ages, so when she was offering a festive discount I jumped at the chance to purchase a custom set – which of course had to be fish themed! She was amazing through out the whole etsy process; she found out what I liked, what my nails sizes were (a medium set was suitable for me), kept in contact, and then when the package arrived it was one of the cutest things I’d seen. Might I add she must have worked hard on them, considering how promptly they arrived being a custom order, from Japan at this time of year!

As for the nails themselves, I could not believe how amazing they are. They are so perfect and more detailed than I could have imagined; the pearls, crushed shells, the fish – AMAZING, just so right! (And I’m seriously not just being polite or brown-nosing, as I did purchase them myself and have no issues with sharing my disappointment with bad products.) What’s fantastic as well is that due to shipping regulations of nail glue, Aya1gou sends nail shaped double-sided tape things, which means I can soak them off in warm water and re-use them rather than them being damaged by the glue or acetone! Great, huh?

I did, however, have to file a few nails to create a better fit. As you can see from the goldfish photo (I just couldn’t resist posing with my actual fish… Sorry.), the nails look too wide in the middle of the falsie for my index and middle fingers. They filed down nicely, I was just very careful and slow. The rest of the photos show that once filed, the nails sit much more comfortably and look a bit more ‘natural’.

I was going to wear them for new years, but I’ve decided that I’m going to frame them as they’re so beautiful – don’t you agree? Anyone else purchased a set from Aya1gou before? If you fancy checking out her work, she is on Facebook and sells her nails on Etsy for really great prices.

So cute! But as you can see they looked a little too wide for some of my nails.
So cute! But as you can see they looked a little too wide for some of my nails.
Left hand and right hand comparison, as you can see Aya1gou's work is pretty consistent.
Left hand and right hand comparison, as you can see Aya1gou’s work is pretty consistent. The nails have now been slightly filed and they now fit a lot better.
My dwarf rainbow fish coming to check out the work.
My dwarf rainbow fish coming to check out the work. (My middle finger looks a weird shape…)
Close-up of the super cute Octopus thumb. I specifically requested these be included as they're so cute and a bit of a signature for Aya1gou I think!
Close-up of the super cute Octopus thumb. I specifically requested these be included as they’re so cute and a bit of a signature for Aya1gou I think!
How the set looked in the box.
How the set looked in the box.
I just loved the added extras and finishing touches that made the package so much nicer.
I just loved the added extras and finishing touches which made the package feel so much nicer.

*Disclosure, I bought this set of nails myself and was in no way paid or endorsed to write a review by anyone. The discount I received was a ‘festive offer’ available to everyone. All opinions expressed are my own and true.

Momiji Nails…

So I have a few momiji dolls that I have received over the years (birthdays, graduation, christmas etc) and I think they’re super cute. I decided to turn them into nail art, in the same kind of style as my babushka nails. I absolutely love my ring finger doll, that wee blue one is totally the best of the bunch!

Momiji Doll Nail Art

More Decals!…

So I maybe have a new addiction. Water Decals, woooo! I think they’re great. I even got my mum to let me put them on her nails (but she kind of wanted a shot at them too, it wasn’t abuse or anything).  It was hard to pick a base colour for these, and I probably should have went with white but…

Japanese Water Decals

My mum chose to go with ‘Tetris’ looking ones, even though she had no idea what Tetris is (What!) . Cute though right? I’d wear them too. It was hard to get photographs today because it was just so sunny! I know how ridiculous that sounds, but everywhere was just bright and glary or too dark. I’m not complaining because it’s fabulous, it just isn’t so handy for clear nail photos.

Tetris Water Decals