Barbed Wire…

So I think this barbed wire is doing a pretty good job of keeping people off the fence. I used very fine jewellery/nailart wire to make it and oh boy, did it take forever – it was so darn fiddly… Way worse than making the staples for my wounded nails. I made the barbed wire as one big long strand and then cut it to size, using liquid latex to hold it in place at the side of my fingers. Obviously if you were crazy enough to wear these out and about, you might want to blend make-up over the latex so the magic isn’t ruined, but they certainly weren’t hitting the town on my nails and were rather quickly removed. I’m pretty chuffed with how they turned out!




Flesh wounds…

So I doubt the person who did this surgical staple job went to medical school… They didn’t even bother to close the wounds before stapling them, I mean that’s a major risk of infection right there!

I made the little staples from some very thin jewellery wire. Rather than trying to bend the staples to have tiny short legs (?), it was was easier to make them with long ones and then trim them to size when I got ready to place them.

I painted two thick coats of the fleshy coloured polish, and then when it was semi-dry I used an orange stick to squash up the polish in to that wrinkled, ripped flesh look. After that I painted in the bright red for the blood and then added the staples. Because the fleshy polish was still technically wet underneath, the staples stayed put once pushed in.

I hope anyone isn’t too squeamish!