Alternative Holly…

So I’ve decided to shun the usual festive colours for this design. I thought black holly on a red/pink magnetic polish base would be an interesting twist, and a bit of a relief to the sometimes sickly traditional colours of Christmas. How do you think it turned out?


Holly Moley, Christmas Nails Already!?…

So last year I was mega late in getting revved up for Christmas, this year I’m on it! We’re going tree shopping, etc  tomorrow seeing as we basically have to buy everything. Why? It’s our first Christmas living together/out of our parents houses – how exciting! I think having Christmas-ish nails just now is totally acceptable, it’s already under a month till the actual day so… I think they turned out quite delicate looking, and not ‘too much’.

Holly Nail Art

Christmas Nail Wheel…

Sorry if it’s too early for some of yous!
At my work the Christmas decorations are up, the Christmas stock is on sale, and the Christmas CD is already being played, the grotto has been erected and ‘Santa’ arrives on the 25th. Over-load, right. I could only hold back for so long before painting a wheel. Christmas is sssoo easy to design for! I still have a few ideas in my head, so maybe a second wheel will be on the cards… And this time, I might be able to paint them facing the right way. I had already painted a few before I realised… Idiot!

I did a crop flip thing, so that some weren’t upside down.