I’m a what?…

So I do enjoy a bit of Harry Potter, and I bought this stamping plate in approximately May 2015. (I can’t pin point it exactly as I ordered it from ‘Alibaba’ along with some other plates, and that was the first month I used one of them).

I went for plain and simple as I was feeling a little lazy – scrape it, stamp it, seal it. Ta-da!



Harry Potter Collaboration…

So I took part in a nail art collaboration project over on Instagram – it was titled ‘Harry Potter and the painted nails’. I couldn’t wait to be part of it as I love Harry Potter! We were given around 5 days to paint a mani and then submit it, I freaked out. I had way too many ideas, not enough time and when I sat down to actually paint what I’d settled on I was in a horrendously bad mood. Therefore whatever I did wasn’t good enough, then I got frustrated, then I got angry, then disheartened and finally ended up not caring. We all have those days/moods right?

Anyway what I ended up deciding on was a Gringotts theme- the Gringotts seal, a stack of coins (which is the part I’m probably most happy about) and what’s meant to be ‘unum galleon’ but like I said it’s not my best work…

Head over to my Instagram to see everyone’s results in a lovely collage, and to enter the Toe Nail Art competition I’m co-hosting too!

Gringotts HP Colab
Pile of Coins