Lonesome Lizard…

So for the whole time I was in Majorca, I was constantly searching for lizards! Apparently you should be able to see them just chilling or scurrying about and I love looking out for foreign wildlife. (I saw a hellish looking flying insect by the pool which turned out to be a not so scary ‘Mud Dauber‘) Therefore I was super disappointed when I saw not a single one, not even a flash of lizard tail or anything. The closest I got was purchasing a lizard magnet for my mum for a souvenir.

Lonely Lizard Nail Art.png


Reptile’s Eye…

So on Wednesday I reviewed a bottle of Chameleon Nail Polish from BPS. I just couldn’t bear having plain nails, but it was such a gorgeous colour I didn’t want to go over the top. At first the colour screamed beetle shells to me, but then I thought it looked quite reptilian and it is called a ‘chameleon’ polish so going for a reptiles eye seemed more apt. Maybe a crocodiles?… The first photo isn’t top coated – I was worried I’d smudge the detail but it turned out alright, phew.


BornPrettyStore: Chameleon Nail Polish…

So I’ve not reviewed anything from BPS in a while as I’ve been on holiday, but now that I’m back I couldn’t wait to try out the ‘Chameleon Nail Varnish‘*  that I was sent.


The colour is option 224, and comes in a 10ml bottle which is a little larger than BPS usual bottles (they’re normally only 6ml) and also has a large flat cap. At first I thought this could be a little bit clumsy, and whilst it’s not the most comfortable thing to hold, the shape of the top certainly didn’t hinder the application. The formula of the polish is beautiful – it’s nice and smooth and has just the right viscosity. I would say it’s on the runnier side of things, but I think this helps it’s application in two ways; firstly it makes it way easier to paint multiple thin coats that dry quickly and secondly it applies more smoothly compared to the patchy/clumpy results that can happen with thicker polishes.



BPS recommend that the chameleon nail polish  is applied on to a black base colour but seeing as I’m a curious rebel I decided to apply the polish over a clear base coat only. *gasp* The results were actually still very beautiful!


So the above photo shows three coats, I reckon you could get away with wearing only two but I felt more comfortable with three. Below I’ve taken a picture after each coat to show how well it layers up.

It has amazing depth and a wonderful gloss, that’s it without a top coat and I doubt you’d notice. (It kind of reminds me of a darker version of OPI’s ‘My gecko does tricks’?) As it is a Chameleon Polish it displays different tones and colours depending on the angle and the light. Below are some pictures displaying the polishes (obvious) green tones, blue tones and gold tones.




I know the website recommended a dark base, but I’m not sure this really needs it. It would maybe result in a subtly different look but I don’t think there’s any point in wasting the time. If you’d like to try out this polish, or anything else at BornPrettyStore you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout to receive 10% off all of your full priced items. And remember free delivery!


Fimo Frogs…

So another item in my bag of nail art supplies that I’ve not used in forever were some fimo slices. Previously I liked to use them, but I hated wearing them because they stuck up so much and caught on everything. But this time round I didn’t mind so much, why?, because I now use Seche Vite and it seems to cover and round off everything! I’ve actually been wearing these frogs since Saturday, the only thing I’ve lost has been a few caviar beads – not bad going.

p.s I bet you guys thought I only had one hand and no thumbs right? Well fooled ya, I’ve got two hands and two thumbs. Yeah, seeing as on Saturday I was going to a restaurant for dinner I felt it necessary to paint both so I didn’t look like a weird trend setter. As there was no skill required I was able to recreate the look on my opposite hand too (usually if I need both hands painted, I either use wraps for both or just paint a plain colour on my left hand).


Green Geodes…

So I’ve wanted to paint geode nails for ages, but the fear of messing them up got to me . I had to bite the bullet today though as it was bugging me that I’ve been seeing them everywhere and they seem like such a cool design to do. They’re definitely not the nicest but they’ve got the feel of geodes right? I’d like to try them again, obviously in a different colour next time round – maybe a blue or a purple.


OMD3 – Day 11 Leaves…

So I used the reversed stamping technique for these, but if I’m being honest I just wasn’t in the mood. Therefore I wasn’t being patient or caring enough leading to some mangled leaves. I also didn’t pay attention to my positioning resulting in a lot of the leaves facing the same way. I’m sorry, as it did have the potential to be pretty but instead just looks like a limp salad.

OMD3 Day11 Leaves

OMD3 – Day 9 Pattern…

So I love doing this design. I’ve already created it here and a version here so it was my absolute go to design when I saw the prompt ‘Pattern’. I  changed my colour theme to make it ‘new’ looking and I really like it. Hope you do too!

Day 9 Pattern


So this was my entry into an EssentialNails.com competition, the theme being ‘Wild’. There was no real direction as to what ‘wild’ meant meaning it was good fun thinking up ideas. I went for these cute little snakes slithering up my fingers, I’m super happy with them! The snake skin is also hand painted, it took so much concentration but it was worth it.

Snake Nail Art
Snake Nail Art

BornPrettyStore: Giraffe Stamping…

So after my first experience with the BPS stamping set I couldn’t wait to use it again. This time I decided to trial it out on my mum. I’ve found that Barry M Gelly polishes work quite well, maybe because they’re a bit thicker. I now also feel super cool because I can handle the scraper and stamper correctly, or at least well enough, to make the image transfer each time. And yes, they’re still not perfect but I’m proud of them – they’re 100% better than what I was managing to achieve on my first go.

I think the giraffe design featured on the plate is really cute. It’s just right in those colours for a fresh, spring mani. If you fancy purchasing this plate, which is already super cheap, you can get 10% off (everything that’s not on sale) at the checkout using the code ‘AZYW10’. Yaay

BPS Giraffe Stamping
BPS Giraffe Stamping

Caterpillar Army…

So did you know that a group of Caterpillars is called an ‘Army’? I didn’t actually and googled it out of curiosity, although I don’t think a pair quite counts. I think these guys are super cute – its the googly eyes I think, and I know it’s never cool to go on about how much you like your own work, but I really like how these turned out!


Caterpillar Nail Art with Googly eyes
Caterpillar Nail Art with Googly eyes

P.S I am actually on holiday right now so I apologize for any delayed replies!