OMD3 – Day 9 Pattern…

So I love doing this design. I’ve already created it here and a version here so it was my absolute go to design when I saw the prompt ‘Pattern’. I  changed my colour theme to make it ‘new’ looking and I really like it. Hope you do too!

Day 9 Pattern


Paisley Print…

I’ve been on holiday to London for a while, sorry! Back to regular postings as from now, honestly. I wanted to do something cute and a little bit intricate, but didn’t feel I had the patience. There’s nothing worse than starting a design then getting frustrated and irritable half way through, then giving up and taking it all off, ever had that?…So this was quick and simple and still looked quite nice.

Paisely Print Nail Art

Green Maze…

So I have 3 lucky bamboo plants, I think they’re fresh and they’re pretty easy to grow – I just leave them too it.  I basically tried to replicate the design on one of the vases on to my nails. As you can tell it was done from memory, so it turned out to be a little bit different but still pretty nice yeah?

Green Maze

Green Maze inspiration