BornPrettyStore: Colourful Diamond Glitter…

So I think glitter placement is a must do nail design for this time of year – it just screams ‘festive night out’ to me. Although after wearing them for a few days, it’s actually starting to scream ‘any day or night will do as it’s totally fabulous to wear’.

This tub of ‘Diamond Glitter‘* was sent to me by BornPrettyStore. It’s absolutely jam packed with the stuff and I advise care upon opening. I had a little look at all the different colours included (blues, pinks, gold, black, silver) and thought it would be perfect to a pink gradient and a blue gradient with them.

That tub looks like hell to sift through for the specific colours, but I used my life changing picker gel that I bought a few months ago. (Look how much of it I still have left, you only need a tiny amount and its very ‘reusable’ – I just take it off the toothpick, squidge it around a bit and it’s good to go again!) It makes the job so much easier. I tip the tub out, use the picker in one hand and a normal toothpick in the opposite: the picker picks up the glitter/gem and the toothpick in your other hand helps remove it from the gel.

So after painting a base coat and applying some slow drying top coat, it’s now time to stick on some of the glitter! Do one nail at a time, obviously, and I use my picker gel for this too. Because it’s malleable you can get it to a really fine point making the small shapes easy to pick up. All I can say is wowza – look at that glittery goodness! (If you’re not following me on Instagram then you should be as I’ll soon be posting videos of just how shiny they are.)

I’m not the neatest as these kind of placements clearly, I mean they look fine until you take a close up picture like this and you notice all the squint ones… Below you can see a photo with the flash on, weirdly the light pink is coming up gold and the whole colour scheme looks a lot uglier. Fortunately the photos without the flash have been dead true with showing up the real colours.

I made sure to double top coat them to seal them all in. No one wants catchy nails *shudders*. Although the diamonds are small enough to almost curve around your nail. I photographed my ring finger as, along with my pinky, it’s my most curved nail meaning that if they were to stick up it would certainly be on that nail – but they don’t!

The colours included in the tub work fantastically together, as here’s another gradient except in blue. This one was a little trickier to photograph, as the grey looking ones are actually brilliant silver.  If I’m being honest, I think I prefer the blue. Maybe because it’s winter just now or maybe it’s because I’m not really a ‘pink’ girl. Which do you prefer?

Remember the Diamond Glitter doesn’t have to be used like this, if you click on the link and go to ‘customer images’ there’s a heap of photos to help inspire you (the same with any item from BornPrettyStore actually). I’ve sometimes found it handy for things that I’ve liked the look of but had no idea what to do with them.

Right now, 27/11/2015, you would be able to get the glitter for $1.34 as it’s on sale. (Remember postage is free.) If you order products that are not on sale, you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off.


Green Ombre on Ombre…

So I wasn’t 100% pleased with how these turned out. I loved the colours I chose but I just didn’t seem to get a good blend on my sponge. It’s looks quite grainy/powdery – I wondered if this was because I am using a more open grained sponge? Or maybe I’m a ‘bad work man blaming his tools’ haha. I also had to go back and paint over parts, especially when I was trying to sponge light on top of dark.  It’s a cool pattern though so I’ll maybe try it again sometime but I have plenty more to get through.

Sideways ombre on ombre
Sideways ombre on ombre

Pink Ombre on Ombre…

So I don’t actually know if this style has a specific name, I’ve seen it around in various forms but never paid attention to how people described it, so I’m just going for ‘Ombre on Ombre’. I knew my striping tapes would be too thin to keep the ombre off the other ombre, and I only have normal sellotape which I knew would be too sticky. But fear not, I stuck the sellotape to the palm of my hand first to make it less sticky and it worked a treat! My pinky is the odd one out as it has a wider triangle meaning it’s covered the lighter colour at the top, let it be said I did this one first though. But hey, it works over all right?

Ombre Nail Art

Mexican Desert…

So I fancied doing a gradient today.  I was almost boring again by painting polka dots on top, but I’ve done that about a gazillion times already.  I know that desert pictures always have cacti and cattle skulls – I’m not sure what makes this desert particularly Mexican but…

Mexican Desert Nail Art

Mixed Berry Soda…

So I enjoy painting gradients and I thought I’d go for a bit of a different colour combination. This reminded of those awful coloured fizzy juice drinks, hence the name! It’s probably not berry appropriate for the season (ahahaha) but who cares. I do, however, wish I’d added a bit of glitter top coat or something.

Mixed Berry Soda

Sunset Tribe…

I was lazy with my gradient, I just painted on top of the other colour. It didn’t turn out that bad, but you can see where my brush bristles have dragged the colour.
My black nail varnish is really gloopy at the moment and I haven’t had a chance to replace it. Hence why I ended up using purple, I think it makes a nice alternative and gives it a more summery feel. (Also kind of like Easter eggs?)

Sunset Tribe

Easter Ombre with Crosses…

I felt these were looking kind of Eastery with the pastel colours and dots. Sorry for yet another gradient, I just can’t get enough of them!

Festival Cross Nail Art
Usually I don’t attempt to replicate a design to my left hand, with me being left handed but today I felt brave. I think I managed to pull it off, almost….

Cross Nails

Gradient Glitter…

This was my first attempt at trying to use glitter in a gradient! It turned out okay. I added a little gem, just because I can’t seem to leave anything too plain. They are honestly so glossy and glittery; I heaped top coat onto them seeing as the glitter absorbs it so much and also to make them smooth  to the touch. (It’s a shame the photo doesn’t convey it well.)
P.s My index finger as it is disgustingly short. As you can see I managed to pull it into the quick when I broke it. Yuck!

Glitter Gradient

Neon Failure…

I really liked the idea of mixing animal prints on one designs, but I really didn’t like the results. I just think it looks ugly, maybe the colour combination is wrong? And the ratio of leopard to zebra? Somethings just not nice about it, but never mind! I shall be trying the design again as I wouldn’t want to write it off as a complete failure.