Teal Tassel…

So even though I’ve now broken my ‘no buy’ spate I’m still trying to use the unused, which brought me round to using this little tassel. Now why on earth I would buy a tassel to put on my nail beats me, but at the time I clearly was inspired (way back in March 2016), so I just had to go with it. Turns out tassels are now ‘on trend’ so does that technically mean I was ahead of the curve?…

To be fair, it is pretty cute and somewhat of a novelty being able shaking it around however in terms of day to day practicality I’m not sure how it would really fair. The gemstone’s pretty large and could be easily knocked off…

Tassle Nail Art.png

Bridesmaid Nails…

So last week I was a bridesmaid at a very wonderful wedding. I opted for some simple nails – a base of Models Own ‘Deep Sea’ (I felt that matched my dress the closest out of all the polishes I had), and some gold foil flecks as I was wearing gold accessories.

I also customized this gorgeous bag from Accessorize, by sewing some excess material from the dress’ ties in to flowers to ensure the bag matched perfectly! There’s one right above my nails in this photo.

We were all wearing the same multi-way dress, but in different styles which made it fun and way more practical as the five of us are all different shapes and sizes! Don’t we scrub up well!


Gilded Vomit?…

So here’s another for the fail folder. I was trying to go for a sort of mother of pearl look, but instead hit upon a golden edged puddle of vomit. And not just any old puke, I’m visualizing the ‘I’ve just been to a party where I ate and drank everything of unnatural colouration’. Anyone else getting that?

I think I went too brown, I should have stayed light and blue and gilded it in silver like a proper mother of pearl shell. Never mind, onwards!

Guilded vomit

Gilded Anchor…

So this design was really simple to do, but I think it looks really effective! I used nail foil glue and some gold foil to create the golden stripes and an Anchor Charm from Born Pretty Store. I attached it with just Seche Vite but it’s quite a thick charm and doesn’t sit anywhere near flat so I had to ensure I got the polish all in around it to guarantee it would stay stuck. (I’ve actually had these on from Saturday, and the anchor is still there!)

Gilded Anchor
Anchor Charm