Scratch Roppongi Glam Glitter…

So I couldn’t stay away from using these again for long. This time I tried to go for a different look – the picture doesn’t do the glitter any justice and it all looks a bit weird. But in the flesh, it honestly doesn’t look so strange. I just love love love how versatile these are, I wish I’d bought a few packets! I’ve still got some left, so stay tuned (hope yous aren’t bored of seeing them!).

Roppongi Glam Glitter

Nail Wrap Evolution…

( I saw this on another blog and totally wanted to link back – I even commented on their own version being like “aww I’ll have to try this!” or something along those lines, but it was too far back in my archives to find again! If that was you, tell me! )

UPDATE! I saw the idea to paint on-top of nail wraps Nail Matsuri (Finally found it! A few months too late but hey!).

I have a massive collection of nail wraps, but admittedly don’t use them enough (hence I’ve got a collection…). I’ve done other things in the past with left-over scraps, like mashing them together or wearing them with nail varnish. But when I saw the idea of painting on top of the nails wraps to make them different, I thought brilliant! I chose a complex design that I could never have painted myself , I think this is a great idea for making unique looking nail wraps.

1) The wraps themselves are out of Savers, so they aren’t great quality (cost me 99p) – they wrinkled loads and were pretty stiff. This is them originally.
2) I then decided that silver would be a good companion colour, and it did change the look of them!
3) Finally, not being content with such an easy make-over, I decided to add some black half pearls. I’m still undecided as to whether these actually enhance the design….
4) Finally finally, (I need to learn when to stop…) I then filed down the pearls, to give them a flat top. Why, I don’t know –  curiosity as to what they’d look like maybe? I kinda like them, they almost look like rivets. I wasn’t brave enough to do them all. and you’ll notice that the top coat kind of lifted the nail varnish off the wraps a little.

Nail Wrap Evolution

Gold Chainz…

I’m loving Sponging! I also like the combination of silver and gold – quite a rock and roll look ae! The chains are stickers and I’ve used the silver ones before

Gold Chainz
Here’s a wee peek of my nails before adding the stickers, I think they look cool without them, but maybe too plain for me! Look at all my fish getting involved, nosey.

Black and Silver Sponge