Silver Snake Skin…

So I’ve done a few diamond glitter placements but not with these particular colours, the combination of which kind of reminded me of a snake? My previous designs used glitter from a mixed tub of colours sent to me to review but for this design I used glitter I had bought myself. The colours come in individual pots as part of a set which saves heaps of time trying to sift through for the colour you want. (I only bought these in October, so compared to the other supplies I have been using up they’re actually not that old. But still – use the unused!)

They were an absolute nightmare to photograph, but also beautiful. The black glitter have an iridescence to them showing blues, greens, reds and so on under certain light. At times the silver/black divide is actually lost and everything just looks shiny! (Almost blinding, genuinely…)


Glitter Placement Snowflakes…

So how has everyone’s festive period been? I have been chock-a-block with events and just general busy days hence the slight absence since last week. But I’m a-okay and back with some festive themed diamond glitter placement. I couldn’t tell if these looked more like snowflakes or a fair-isle pattern, I went with snowflakes though. I really enjoy diamond glitter placement, (here’s an example of some ombre placements I’ve done) I know it’s not for everyone due to the patience required, but I find it rather relaxing.

Hope Santa was good to everyone yesterday!


BornPrettyStore: Colourful Diamond Glitter…

So I think glitter placement is a must do nail design for this time of year – it just screams ‘festive night out’ to me. Although after wearing them for a few days, it’s actually starting to scream ‘any day or night will do as it’s totally fabulous to wear’.

This tub of ‘Diamond Glitter‘* was sent to me by BornPrettyStore. It’s absolutely jam packed with the stuff and I advise care upon opening. I had a little look at all the different colours included (blues, pinks, gold, black, silver) and thought it would be perfect to a pink gradient and a blue gradient with them.

That tub looks like hell to sift through for the specific colours, but I used my life changing picker gel that I bought a few months ago. (Look how much of it I still have left, you only need a tiny amount and its very ‘reusable’ – I just take it off the toothpick, squidge it around a bit and it’s good to go again!) It makes the job so much easier. I tip the tub out, use the picker in one hand and a normal toothpick in the opposite: the picker picks up the glitter/gem and the toothpick in your other hand helps remove it from the gel.

So after painting a base coat and applying some slow drying top coat, it’s now time to stick on some of the glitter! Do one nail at a time, obviously, and I use my picker gel for this too. Because it’s malleable you can get it to a really fine point making the small shapes easy to pick up. All I can say is wowza – look at that glittery goodness! (If you’re not following me on Instagram then you should be as I’ll soon be posting videos of just how shiny they are.)

I’m not the neatest as these kind of placements clearly, I mean they look fine until you take a close up picture like this and you notice all the squint ones… Below you can see a photo with the flash on, weirdly the light pink is coming up gold and the whole colour scheme looks a lot uglier. Fortunately the photos without the flash have been dead true with showing up the real colours.

I made sure to double top coat them to seal them all in. No one wants catchy nails *shudders*. Although the diamonds are small enough to almost curve around your nail. I photographed my ring finger as, along with my pinky, it’s my most curved nail meaning that if they were to stick up it would certainly be on that nail – but they don’t!

The colours included in the tub work fantastically together, as here’s another gradient except in blue. This one was a little trickier to photograph, as the grey looking ones are actually brilliant silver.  If I’m being honest, I think I prefer the blue. Maybe because it’s winter just now or maybe it’s because I’m not really a ‘pink’ girl. Which do you prefer?

Remember the Diamond Glitter doesn’t have to be used like this, if you click on the link and go to ‘customer images’ there’s a heap of photos to help inspire you (the same with any item from BornPrettyStore actually). I’ve sometimes found it handy for things that I’ve liked the look of but had no idea what to do with them.

Right now, 27/11/2015, you would be able to get the glitter for $1.34 as it’s on sale. (Remember postage is free.) If you order products that are not on sale, you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off.

Scaled Mountains…

So as soon as I saw the sort of fish scale mountains, I knew I wanted to use my new round glitter from Cosmic Glows. I cannot wait to use these again to create a mermaid look with my new charms from BornPrettyStore too, it’s going to be so pretty.


OMD2 – Day 16 Glitter Placement…

So do you know what the most horrible part of this challenge is? Having to take off the designs so regularly! I love how this turned out, it’s like fish scales and I’d have it on for like a week if it wasn’t for the challenge. Sigh!…

OMD2 Glitter Placement
The diamond pieces are silver until you move about and they hit the light, what mad colours ae! I’ve had them for ages, and I’m pretty sure they were one of the very first ‘nail art’ things I ever received. I just didn’t know what nail art was back then! When I first used them I didn’t even know about top coats either- deadly as they caught on everything. I’m surprised I held on to them.

Diamond Shaped Glitter