Dotted Nails…

These are my mums dotted glittery nails.
I painted them to co-ordinate with an outfit she was going to wear for the day, sad I know buy hey ho.


Cosmic Glitter…

Another design modeled by my friend! I showed her this design in pink, and she had the idea to do it in gold and silver. It turned out looking completely different from the original (obviously…), but in a good unexpected way. It looks super glittery when it’s not really!
We decided ‘Cosmic Glitter’  for the name as it looks kind of like stars? (Anyone agree…?)

Black base, dots of various sizes in gold and silver, then finished with a brown/gold hexagonal glitter polish. I think it looks super!

Pink Stained Glass Glitter…

I felt this was a very girly looking design, but with an edgy twist. It’s modeled by one of my friends – which makes it my first proper ‘client’ apart from my mum!

Talking about edgy, a local Glasgow band ‘Natalie Pryce‘ currently have an IndieGoGo Campaign running. Please check them out and donate!

“Mark Swan makes his presence known by rambling away manically into a vintage mic, Nick Cave style, as he flails around the stage. He pulls out various toys throughout the set which add a finishing touch to the creepy, murky projections cast on stage, while a bass-heavy rhythm section bring the pain. Despite an obvious fascination for Lynch, their songs and live show are individually compelling.” – Ross Watson, The Skinny