Neon Triangles…

So this design was born by responding to one of this months prompts set by ‘NailItMag‘ – which was Matte Neons. I have used striping tape manymany times before to create triangles but never with a neon colour combination! I’m not too sure if I’m going to submit this look or not, however it did turn out pretty cool (or rather hot because it carries a serious summer vibe! Ahahah….)

NeonTrianglesNailArtMattCoat - Copy



So ModelsOwn are having another ‘1234thumbwar’ competition. Head on over to their Instagram or Facebook for more details. Here’s my first entry! Can you tell what part has inspired me? Correct, the rocks to the left of the picture.

CraggyRocks (2)


So my summer is now over – I’m back to work tonight after being off for 7 weeks (I’m a swimming teacher and I only work term time, it’s not that I’ve been ill or slacking off or anything!). It’s been chock-a-block so hopefully my posting routine will return to normality, however I feel as if I’ve been in a nail art slump so don’t count on it too much.

After a few blah attempts at other designs, I really felt up for this and I’m so happy with how it turned out. A little bit too ‘spring’ feeling though? Maybe I could try turn this into something more Autumn themed at a later date. I used striping tape to create the triangles which are painted with Models Own ‘Colour Chrome Blue’.

At first I liked the design as just an ‘accent’. But then I panicked in-case it  looked unfinished or if I’d lost interest in doing the rest so I painted them all. Which version do you prefer?


OMD3 – Day 9 Pattern…

So I love doing this design. I’ve already created it here and a version here so it was my absolute go to design when I saw the prompt ‘Pattern’. I  changed my colour theme to make it ‘new’ looking and I really like it. Hope you do too!

Day 9 Pattern

The future’s bright, the future’s purple?…

So I didn’t really know what I fancied doing so I chose a colour first (the purple) and decided to take it from there. After I’d finished painting I thought it all looked quite futuristic! However, I’m not that happy with it – I feel that it could be a design from a few years ago when I was just getting in to ‘nail art’. Maybe I’m just in a negative nelly mood…

Futuristic Nail Art
Futuristic Nail Art

Jaggy Geometrics…

So I used striping tape for this nail art, which I have a love hate relationship with. I love how clean the lines can look and what interesting  patterns you can make. But I hate the fact it sometimes pulls up the base colour, or that the polish gets underneath it. Although I suppose that’s my fault – not enough patience for drying time and not applying it well enough, whoops!

Jaggy Geometrics

Geometric Triangles…

So three things contributed towards me painting this design. My first attempt using free-hand triangles looked terrible but I wanted to give it another try, so after seeing a design on ‘MllrDesign’ recently, I thought ‘Hey, I’ll give it another go’. Also my total addiction for nail tape came into play as there is no easier way to paint triangles than using tape! (I’ve never been so into my tape before! I want to do a whole nail wheel using the stuff now.)

Geometric Triangles


So I’ve done tonnes of dot designs and some square designs but never anything triangle related. I really like sponging, it’s always interesting to see how the colour combination will come out. Lastly I hardly ever use my nail studs. Throw everything together and bam this is what I got. Not the best at the free hand triangles, I should have maybe use some striping tape! Till next time.

Triangle Nail Art

Green Maze…

So I have 3 lucky bamboo plants, I think they’re fresh and they’re pretty easy to grow – I just leave them too it.  I basically tried to replicate the design on one of the vases on to my nails. As you can tell it was done from memory, so it turned out to be a little bit different but still pretty nice yeah?

Green Maze

Green Maze inspiration

Square Eyed…

So, I got a Barry M nail art pen and I have went mad for it. It’s brilliant. So much better than the fine nibbed ‘pens’ where if you squeeze too hard it all blobs out or spurts out an air bubble and explodes nail polish where you don’t want it. It is actually a pen, like an actual pen nib, and writes as easily as a pen. It also doesn’t seem to dry up and had a good continuous flow.

My fault was that I didn’t allow my nail polish base coat to dry enough so that when I drew, it kind of dragged the polish with it. So next time I’ll be giving them plenty drying time and my top coat also didn’t smudge it, hooray! There’s no way I could have been this precise with my nail art brushes. So chuffed with the pen (don’t know if you can tell from my excited rambling), and it only cost a fiver!

Also, this was a new polish combination for me. I quite liked the effect, it’s Barry M ‘silvery lilac’ on top of some other polish which name escapes me, and I’m too lazy to go up the stairs to check in my polish bag. But it turned out quite unusual!

Square Eyed