Pokemon Theme: Spearow and Fearow…

So next in the set, Spearow and Fearow. (I was always more of a Pidgey person I’m afraid!) I want to try get away from drawing the actual faces and things for my next set. They’re starting to look a bit too samey in style – there’s maybe nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I’d like to try mix it up a bit again like my first few sets.

Spearow Evolution Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Rattata and Raticate…

So I’m not over the moon with these. I was putting them off for ages – all of the ideas I drew for them looked a bit silly and clumsy. I know I could have painted them better but there’s no time to re-do them. The challenge must go on!

Rattata Evolution Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Pidgey Set…

So here’s another Pokemon set! This was quite an easy one to decide on seeing as the main differences between the birds is their head plumage.

Pidgey Evolution Nail Art
I’ve been quite quiet lately due to changing broadband provider, blah blah blah, yawn yawn yawn, so I had a lot of posts scheduled to tide me over. But this is me back now.

Pokemon Theme: Weedle Set…

So the only black nail polish I currently own is a matte black by Barry M, hence the lines on Kakuna look a bit weird. Also I decided not to put wing detail on Beedrill just because I felt it would be too busy. Hopefully yous didn’t even notice… I was pretty darn happy with this set too, but again it took me ages.

Weedle Evolution Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Caterpie Set…

So this set has definitely taken me the longest so far, like seriously an hour or so. It is also now my favourite out of the few I’ve done. So cute!

Caterpie Evolution Set

Pokemon Theme: Charmander Set…

So I did not fancy trying to paint their faces or anything! Therefore thought it would be quite cool to paint a growing flame for ‘Charmander’, ‘Charmeleon’ and ‘Charizard’ seeing as that’s one of the main differences between the different characters.  I hope it doesn’t count as cheating!

Charmander Evolution Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Bulbasaur Set…

So unfortunately I’m 23 years old and still love Pokemon. It’s probably really sad and weird for those of you who don’t get it, but for those who do – you’ll understand. I had a crazy idea to try and paint all 150 of the original Pokemon, but then realised this might a) take me years b) turn my blog into solely Pokemon nail art therefore alienating those who don’t know/get Pokemon c) result in me never wanting to see any of them again because I’ve looked at them so much. However! I have started at #01 – Bulbasaur and it’s evolution’s. I always chose him as my starter Pokemon, yeahr!

(P.S When I first started playing Pokemon cards, I said ‘Evolvations’ instead of ‘Evolutions’. Anyone else?…)

Bulbasaur Evolution

Animal Crossing (pt1)…

So I fancied doing something geeky, does anyone else play this? If not, just take these as animal designs I’ve copied from a Nintendo Game. If yes, read on! I had some of these villagers in my town! (The ones in bold). The others I just thought would be cool to paint. From left to right we have – Pecan, Hamphrey, Jeremiah, Joan the Turnip Lady, Ruby, Tom, Puddles, Jay.

Non-nail related is my opinion of the game – I decided to keep it separate so that not everyone had to read it. Only those interested may read on, or else you’ll be mega-bored.

I got ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’ when it first came out, a few months down the line and I’m afraid I’ve stopped playing… I got to a point in the game where I was happy – my house was at the maximum expansion, I had the furniture sets I wanted, HHA score was high, I’d completed the fossil collection, etc etc. So I saw no reason to play obsessively as I had been anymore which is a shame. It was an amazing game, yes? The graphics were great, weren’t they? The new villagers were cool, yeah? The new shops, well smart ae? And the island and little mini games, loved ’em? Prolonged longevity, nah… Don’t get me wrong I super super enjoyed it. It’s just a shame that there was nothing to personally keep me hooked. (And I was hooked for literally months…) Anyone else?

Animal Crossing Nail Art
Animal Crossing Nail Art