Pokemon Theme: Mr Mime…

So it’s not just me that found this guy totally unsettling right? I mean I don’t even have a phobia of dolls or clowns or anything like that, but his whole appearance is just really displeasing. I certainly wouldn’t want him in my party.

122 Mr.Mime


So I got all excited about going to see the new X-men film on Saturday and, of course, painted my nails to match!… Unfortunately all the showings were sold out (we got the release date mixed up), meaning that I then spent the day walking around with X-men nails for no reason.

X-Men Nail Art
Seeing as we’d made the effort to travel through to Glasgow, we decided to spend the rest of time pub crawling and eat dinner. We ate at a place called ‘Sugar Dumplin‘ up in Princes Square, which is a Caribbean restaurant. I’ve never eaten  Caribbean and was a little nervous as I’m not a massive fan of heat, but the waitress was very helpful and managed to guide me away from anything too spicy. I ended up eating Swordfish and Salt-fish fish cakes and a buttermilk chicken burger with plantain fries, super tasty, whilst my boyfriend chose to eat grilled prawns and curried goat – he also thoroughly enjoyed it. We both agreed we would visit again as the menu is large and interesting enough to be able to chose something else next time round. It also has a huge rum and cocktail selection (52 cocktails!) which is amazing because I fricken’ love both! For the two courses and drinks for two people the bill came to £52 which I thought was very reasonable, especially for an ‘unusual’ restaurant in Glasgow. I’d highly recommend it!

Pokemon Theme: Staryu and Starmie

So I took inspiration from the battle scenes featured in the anime. I created the background by layering the colours using the dry brush technique whilst each colour was still wet so that they blended a little more – I like how they turned out!

120 121 Staryu Starmie

Pokemon Theme: Goldeen and Seaking…

So these were really fun to paint, I knew how I wanted to paint them from the get go. Of-course in ‘reality’ Goldeen would never be able to be kept in a bowl (it actually warns against it on Bulbapedia), but I reckon a pond full of Seaking would look beautiful!

118 119 Goldeen Seaking

Pokemon Theme: 115 Kangaskhan…

So if you’re all like ‘hey wait a minute, that looks nothing like Kangaskhan!’, then you’ve obviously not seen the Mega EX trading card for it. That is where I took my inspiration from. I decided to go against all the purple lightening etc because I just cannot paint such small detail, and I’m afraid the writing is just vaguely copied so I do apologise if I’ve now accidentally swore at you or something.

115 Kangaskhan

Pokemon Theme: Rhyhorn and Rhydon…

So these turned out way more sinister looking than I intended. I took inspiration from a photo that came up when I googled ‘Rhyhorn’, it was this sort of sketchy version of them with highlighted edges that looked pretty cool. Unfortunately Rhyhorn looks like he’s seriously p*ssed off as if he’s been in prison too long, and Rhydon looks as if he should be in prison and hopefully for as long as possible – look at those eyes!

111 112 Rhyhorn Rhydon