Born Pretty Store: Chameleon Gel…

So I have a UV lamp but haven’t used many UV Gel products so I was interested to try out the ‘Chameleon Sequins Gel BP-08‘ that BornPrettyStore sent to me to review. There’s only 3g of gel in the little tub which doesn’t look much at first but actually there’s plenty.

BPS Chameleon Sequins Gel Collage
I started off with a black base then applied two coats of the gel, curing in between. For application I used a small flat brush as I felt it would pick up the Chameleon sequins better than a pointed brush. Even though it’s described as ‘sequins’, I’d probably call it a chameleon flakie.

Black Base.JPG
Chameleon Sequins Gel BP-08 40795

Those colours though, right?!

It really is beautiful and it was worth doing two coats of gel as I think it helps add a bit of depth. I sealed in all in with a no wipe UV gel top coat.

As pretty as it is alone, I thought it made a fitting base for some basic galaxy decoration. What do yous think?

Galaxy Chameleon Gel Bp-08.jpg

If you would like to order this Gel or anything else from BornPrettyStore feel free to use my code AZYW10 at the check out to receive 10% off all your full priced items.


Melted Galaxy…

So cast your mind back to Wednesday when I published a review about some Holographic Nail Foil. It looked really pretty until Seche Vite melted it, in to something else pretty but not what I’d signed up for really. This was what I turned it in to, a galaxy design just made sense really with the deep, shimmery tones that were now displayed on my nails after the melting.

Holo Foil Galaxy


So this is the ‘exciting thing’ that I mentioned in an earlier post. It’s a blinking LED, NFC (near field communication) nail sticker – meaning that when it’s near your phone (and your phone is on) your nail will blink! MIND BLOWN! I bought two different coloured ones from Born Pretty Store here for around £2.50 each, which I thought pretty good and if you use the code AZYW10 you’ll get 10% off too.

The first one, a white LED, I applied it to my ring finger nails but the actual ‘chip’ ended up peeling away from the backing – this was due to my nail being too curved, so be warned. I didn’t discard the chip as I’m going to see if I can maybe attach it to my nails with nail glue.

Do not wear them on overly curved nails or else this could be your result too...
Do not wear them on overly curved nails or else this could be your result too…


The next one, a blue LED, I applied to my middle finger which is much flatter. It applied fine, I should have really used common sense… Hindsight argh. It was easy to paint around and as you can see it of course makes your nail thicker looking but it’s not obviously so.

NFC LED Nail Sticker
NFC LED Nail Sticker
Side View of NFC Nail Sticker.
Side View of NFC Nail Sticker.

It’s so bright too! I took videos of it blinking in the light and in the dark just for comparison, it looks so cool in the dark. It stayed on my nail for around 2 days before it started to peel up at the sides of my nail. Again I have saved the chip in hope it can be ‘reused’.


OMD2 – Day 17 Galaxy…

So this is actually my first ever galaxy nail art! I’m not sure if this can really be called ‘galaxy’ more just like ‘starry sky’ or something but shhh. I quite enjoyed it, and will maybe Google some galaxy nail art in future if I’m going to give it another go so it looks more galaxy! Also two posts in one day? I know right another first, but I’m trying to catch up for the challenge!

OMD2 Galaxy