Nigerian Watermelon…

So I attended a World Cup Party at the weekend where you had to dress up as a competing country. I decided to go with Nigeria as I think their traditional dress is beautiful and the patterns and colours they use are inspiring. I personally love watermelons so it matched perfectly with Nigeria’s reputation for watermelon farming. I sewed the whole thing myself (with a sewing machine) and even made my hat, it didn’t take too long and I really enjoyed doing it. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out as it’s only my second sewing machine project and I didn’t use any patterns just pins and a pen – it certainly was a learning curve!

Naturally I had to paint my nails to match!

Nigeria Watermelon Nail Art

World Cup Nigeria Costume



Lemons with a side of Lemon…

So I actually love citrus fruit, I can eat lemons as if they were apple (obviously not the rind but I mean the aspect  of biting in to it). I use citrus shampoo, I make sure to have a constant supply of lemon and limes in the fruit basket, and I even recently made a trio of citrus related polishes. So when I saw these super cute lemon water decals from BPS, I just couldn’t resist buying them. They come as individual lemons, so I had to spend time placing each one to fit my nail but I think the effect is quite cool – it sort of looks like a printed nail wrap!



Strawberry Picking…

So last Tuesday my mum and I went strawberry picking at ‘Craigies Farm‘ and we were super impressed. Not only does it include fields of PYO fruit, but it also has a farm shop, butchers and deli – I picked up some lovely cheese, bramble wine and some buffalo steaks, yum! As it’s a ‘working farm’ there’s also the opportunity to take an empty egg carton and pick your own chicken eggs, at 40p each, which is pretty darn awesome. (Yes that is a chicken butt! And yes those are my London Underground nails.)

PYO ChickenEgg

The farm uses their own ‘berry scale’ to communicate which fruit is good to pick and how easy it will be to find; out of 5 berries, Strawberries were at 2 and Rasberries were at 3 so we chose to pick them both. Gooseberries were at 1 on the scale, but I have no idea what to do with gooseberries anyway so I left them well alone!


As you can see from the following pictures I came home with loads of strawberries. To ensure I didn’t sicken myself of eating them chopped up with cream, I decided to make some Strawberry Tarts, Strawberry Vodka and Strawberry Nail Art! I shared the Strawberry tarts with my family and they seemed to go down a treat, the ones I ate were certainly tasty. Regarding the vodka, I’ve yet to try it as it’s for a special occasion later this month.