Nigerian Watermelon…

So I attended a World Cup Party at the weekend where you had to dress up as a competing country. I decided to go with Nigeria as I think their traditional dress is beautiful and the patterns and colours they use are inspiring. I personally love watermelons so it matched perfectly with Nigeria’s reputation for watermelon farming. I sewed the whole thing myself (with a sewing machine) and even made my hat, it didn’t take too long and I really enjoyed doing it. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out as it’s only my second sewing machine project and I didn’t use any patterns just pins and a pen – it certainly was a learning curve!

Naturally I had to paint my nails to match!

Nigeria Watermelon Nail Art

World Cup Nigeria Costume



Lemons with a side of Lemon…

So I actually love citrus fruit, I can eat lemons as if they were apple (obviously not the rind but I mean the aspect  of biting in to it). I use citrus shampoo, I make sure to have a constant supply of lemon and limes in the fruit basket, and I even recently made a trio of citrus related polishes. So when I saw these super cute lemon water decals from BPS, I just couldn’t resist buying them. They come as individual lemons, so I had to spend time placing each one to fit my nail but I think the effect is quite cool – it sort of looks like a printed nail wrap!



Strawberry Picking…

So last Tuesday my mum and I went strawberry picking at ‘Craigies Farm‘ and we were super impressed. Not only does it include fields of PYO fruit, but it also has a farm shop, butchers and deli – I picked up some lovely cheese, bramble wine and some buffalo steaks, yum! As it’s a ‘working farm’ there’s also the opportunity to take an empty egg carton and pick your own chicken eggs, at 40p each, which is pretty darn awesome. (Yes that is a chicken butt! And yes those are my London Underground nails.)

PYO ChickenEgg

The farm uses their own ‘berry scale’ to communicate which fruit is good to pick and how easy it will be to find; out of 5 berries, Strawberries were at 2 and Rasberries were at 3 so we chose to pick them both. Gooseberries were at 1 on the scale, but I have no idea what to do with gooseberries anyway so I left them well alone!


As you can see from the following pictures I came home with loads of strawberries. To ensure I didn’t sicken myself of eating them chopped up with cream, I decided to make some Strawberry Tarts, Strawberry Vodka and Strawberry Nail Art! I shared the Strawberry tarts with my family and they seemed to go down a treat, the ones I ate were certainly tasty. Regarding the vodka, I’ve yet to try it as it’s for a special occasion later this month.


Watermelon Slices…

So these were meant to get published yesterday, on my regular posting day, but I managed to mess up the scheduling blergh.

It’s getting closer to summer, and that means watermelons! I love watermelon, but it’s always so expensive and sometimes doesn’t taste nice. Watermelon nail art also doesn’t taste nice, but it is super cute!

Unfortunately the colours didn’t show up too well on my camera but if you follow me on Instagram- @wonderfulwolf – you’ll get a better idea of how they really look.

Watermelon Slices Nail Art

BornPrettyStore: Birds and Bananas Nail Stickers…

So what weird and wonderful combinations BornPrettyStore come up with; a sheet of stickers with toucans, macaws, cockatoos and… bananas? Why not!

Bird Bananas Sticker Sheet

These bird and banana* stickers retail at $3.69, and you get a fair amount for that money. I was really impressed with how vivid they are, and they’re actually quite detailed. The only real transparency I noticed was the white tip of the toucans wing, all the other stickers seem to be solid.

Banana and Bird Stickers 21361
At first I was using my tweezers to pick up the stickers, but found that they weren’t too sticky meaning they wouldn’t stick to my fingers, also they weren’t too delicate to manually handle so I ended up using my fingers to pick up and place them.

Bird Close up
Banana Close up
The stickers are very pliable, just look at how much that toucan is hugging my nail. It is a super flat finish, I genuinely struggled to feel the edge or even see it! Even more exciting than that, is that the toucan didn’t melt with a top coat – hallelujah. Is it only me that’s had nightmarish experiences with nail stickers melting? Please tell me I’m not the only one. No curling, no sliding, no melting, nada. And that’s just the way I want and like it.

Birds sit flat, do not curl
No melting with top coat
Moving on to bananas. I fricken hate real bananas, the texture and taste is just disgusting I don’t know why anyone would subject themselves to that. Boke. But banana nail stickers, hell yes! These applied to the same quality as the toucan – no obvious sticker edge, no top-coat melting, super flat sticking. (It wasn’t a surprise really seeing as they were off the same sheet, but you just never know!) How about a really boring game of spot the difference – which bunch of bananas has been topcoated? It’s pretty hard to tell huh?

Banana Bananas
So lets zoom out about now and get a look at the whole mani. I think these stickers are so fun, and just right for coming in to summer. I bet there’s loads of different things you could do with them, to suggest a few; brighten them up, make them classy or get playful with them (did anyone spot the bananas with the gorillas running up them?!). I chose to use the dry brush technique in several green polishes to create a jungle feel, then lightly ‘sketched’ on some foliage.

Banana Bird Jungle
If you’d like to order these bird and banana stickers, remember you get FREE delivery and can also get 10% off all full priced items in your basket at BornPrettyStore by using my code ‘AZYW10’. Let me know if you’ve ordered these, as I’d love to see how you use them!

Banana Bird 21361

OMD3 – Day 12 Watermelon…

So I actually recently painted a watermelon design, therefore I wanted to do something different from the ‘norm’. I went for a more contemporary (yeah?) style using nail tape for the lines and seeds.

Day 12 Watermelon

OMD3 – Day 8 V Shape…

So I went a bit strange for this one, but I think I like it… I am now on holiday (for two weeks!) so I’ll no longer be able to follow along every day with the OMD3 challenge. Booo! I managed to cram in a few designs to ‘schedule’ but ran out of time so there will be periods of radio silence.

OMD3 Day 8 V-Shape

Kiwi + Grapefruit = Watermelon…

So that kind of sounds like one of those ridiculous algebra questions you got in High School where you’d have to solve for ‘Kiwi’ or something. But in reality it’s actually how nail polish mathematics works. My mum bought me two new polishes Barry M’s ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Grapefruit’ and I thought they made the perfect combo to create a watermelon. I freaking love watermelon, but unfortunately they’re always so expensive, tasteless, and tiny – totally unlike the ones you buy on holiday that  drip with juice and could probably feed you for about two weeks!

After taking part in #prettypediprojectuk, I couldn’t help but paint my toenails again as I enjoyed looking down and seeing some cheerful nails.

Matching Watermelon Nail Art
Watermelon Pose

Feeling Fruity…

So here’s something a little fruity to help kick start the better weather! It’s been absolutely dire lately, I feel as if we’ve went in to a double winter or something – spring doesn’t seem to have sprung and we’re getting closer to summer. Hopefully that means summer will be amazing though right!

Fruity Pineapple Nail Art
Fruity Pineapple Nail Art

OMD2 – Day 24 Fruit…

I’m starting to panic – I’m struggling to do a nail art a day and it’s more than half the way through the month, aaahhh! So I decided to crack out my fimo canes for the fruit theme (obvious choice) as they are really impractical to keep on for like more than like 2.5 minutes. This allowed me to do fruit theme and then another theme all in one night, phew.

I went for the brown lattice in hope it would look like a fruit basket?… The matte brown dried too quick and pulled up around the edges as you can see which is a shame. And then I just piled those fruit high! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

OMD2 Fruit