Folded Fox…

So I thought this mani turned out super cute, but unfortunately it got chipped after only like 2.5 seconds of arriving in to work. Why do the pretty manis never survive yet ugly ones seem indestructible – it’s not fair!

The fox is from an amazing BornPrettyStore plate. Why is it amazing? Because it has so many usable images and I’ve previously reviewed it here, it’s definitely worth purchasing.

Origami Fox Nail Art



So I have this throw in my living room, and I maybe have a bit of a crush on it. It’s so cozy and cute, but it serves no real purpose nor does it match the colour scheme but so what. Sometimes it’s nice to just have to have things you like right? Anyway… I thought it would make some cute nail art, and be seasonally appropriate. My new white (a brand called ‘Jess’ from Poundland £1) is pretty thin, it takes loads of coats to work as a base so I went for the ‘reverse’ design.

Fox Nail Art
Fox Nail Art.



So I think I’ve managed to haul myself out of the great creativity depression I’ve been in lately. Two things assisted in this;
1) I told myself to get over it and get a grip.
2) I have a major nail crush right now on two blogs, I feel like a creep sometimes because I’m commenting and liking their posts so regularly, but I think they gave me a boost in inspiration. They are – ‘Baroquennails‘ which seems to be a new blog but has great nail art already, and ‘Mllrdesign‘ who again only started posting in January this year. AMAZING!

So here are my nails, after a creative dry spell – I present to you a selection of woodland creatures.  I had trouble with my pinky, such a long skinny nail… I wanted a squirrel but it just didn’t happen. Have a rabbit instead. I like them and I’m happy to announce that I’m pleased with them. Phew…. (except that the foxes nose is too large).

Woodland Creature Nail Art