Pokemon Theme: Aerodactly…

So Aerodactly lends itself perfectly to being a fossil skeleton. This was a little bit of a rush job, meaning there wasn’t as much love and detail went it to it that should have. Even the photography is shoddy. Poor guy, he deserved better.

142 Aerodactly


Ammonite Fossils…

So last month BornPrettyStore had an offer where you could pick 8 sheets of water decals for like $5.99, these pretty gold shell skeletons were one of the sheets that I picked. When I saw them online, the idea of fossilized Ammonites immediately came to mind.

Unfortunately my camera couldn’t pick up the depth of the layers, and the polish was way too shiny so was reflecting lights at all angles even without the flash, meaning a lot are out of focus. Not a good day in the world of photography for me today, which is a shame as the nails are way more interesting in reality.

Fossil Base Layer
1 Layer of Fossils

2 Layers of Fossils

3 Layers of Fossils